My 'Words with Friends Beau' Promises Sweet Deep Kisses and I Fret over When's a Good Time to Tell Him I Wear Dentures

        So he speaks to me of future mind-zapping sweet deep kisses when we meet. Okay, I know that this may sound x-rated for a first date but, the Universe has already spoken, and my future seems already written.  I am, therefore, but a more- than- willing participant who assigns omnipotence to the powers that be. Besides, being 60 and all that, I have a special pass, I'm sure. The romantic in me definitely goes for kisses sweeter than wine....more

AFTER My "Words With Friends" Blog

                                I asked Jim what he thought of my blog . I told him that it was our love story. I also asked him which part he liked best. He said that he has to go over it again and that it was "crazy " good. Now, that's my man.        Well, I haven't received any feedback from him but I got tons from others and I would like to share them with you.1) From my Words with Friends Opponents...more

I Fell In Love with a WORDS WITH FRIENDS Opponent

         I should have my head examined ! I told him so. I asked him one last time, two weeks ago, if he  truly believed that I could really  be in love with him and he said "Yes!" plus a few more sweet words that I'm not at liberty to mention here. (So sorry, for my smartphone ears only.)  Well then, so be it. I bow to fate, I bow to que sera sera, and above all, I bow deeply to Words with friends app for its matchmaking ; after all it is  not an online dating site....more

Have I Lost My Mom? Is It Too Late?

It came all of a sudden. Watching my mom drawing her blood to check her glucose level every morning before breakfast starts my everyday. She would then unfold a piece of paper where she normally notes down her numbers and would visibly relax, indicating that no insulin injection was needed. She was so good at this and I trusted her diligence completely. It was by chance that I reached out for that piece of paper to check how her diabetes was getting controlled. I was confused at what I saw. The numbers she had written were scratchy and unreadable, her dates were wrong, and they were going in all directions, totally missing the grid lines on the paper. I looked at her last legible entry. It was one month before....more
It sounds like you're doing everything that you can, so you shouldn't feel bad about that. ...more

Got Foreclosures, Anyone?

        I don't understand what is really happening with the  banks and with the real estate situation here in California. I had five properties and my sister had her own home and a rental property in Houston, Texas.  All of them were in danger of being foreclosed or auctioned of at one time or another. We both shelled out some most-needed cash just to pay professionals to help us with our problem. My sister paid  a negotiator $3,500.00 for each property....more

Do social workers really listen or have they heard it all before ?

My soon-to-be-82 year-old mother has been a diabetic since she was 40. For 25 years she has been injecting herself with insulin. She would jokingly say  that her face was the only spot still untouched by a needle.  When she joined my siblings to live here in the US, the doctors mercifully told her that her diabetes could be controlled by pills and she would only need her insulin at certain high glucose level readings. She was a changed woman after that,  popping her pills religiously....more

The Golden Girls of Fontana

Okay, so I live with my mom, my sister, and my ex-sister-in-law.  My mother is an 81-year old diabetic who is also legally blind. My younger sister is the one who wears the pants in this household. It is her house, by the way. My ex-sister-in-law  has been living with my sister for more than 20 years. We love her dearly but it's a standing joke in the family that staying with us is her way of making my brother pay. I joined this menagerie ten years ago....more