Nancy Hill

The Books of Our Mothers' Mothers

One of the best things about living in the future, as I refer to the 21st Century, is access to information that has come before.  And I in my feminist way, of course, am referring to the bits and pieces of daily life that get lost along the way to posterity, notoriety, and history... the daily stuff of the lives of families, women and children....more

Reducing the Risk of Glaucoma with Laser Peripheral Iridotomy

So far so good.  The laser procedure, a peripheral iridotomy, that I had today did not cause the fluid in my eyes to boil and my eyes did not explode.  There was almost no chance that such a thing could happen.  The micro-wattage of the laser used in such procedures does not have enough power to boil your eyeball. But more powerful lasers could make your eyeballs explode.  I think about these kinds of things....more
OMG ! I am squirming reading all the technically and insightful ( no pun intended ) information. ...more

The Karma of Voting

I woke up thinking about Karma and voting.  Voting helps your Karma.  At the most basic level there is heredity, environment, and Karma....more
Hey you made it to Tuesday I hope your laser eye surgery went well ! and Karma ...I love karma ...more

Assessing the Mess

Time escalates at an alarming rate as I pass through life.  I am already planning on responding to Nablopomo comments and such during lunch tomorrow so I can have the evening to clean the house before I have laser eye surgery on Tuesday.I don't know how I used to do the 8-5, raise a kid, help the hubby at his work, take care of the house, be a girl scout leader and remember to buy milk.  Oh that is right, I had a breakdown, duh.    Seriously, how did I once juggle everything?...more
Nancy, the hives are real and try some tea. I actually took some Valerian Root and it helped a ...more

Endless War and Women

An overt political rant is simmering within me.  As some of you know, I spent a good chunk of my life, resources, and precious time when my daughter was in her teen years doing peace work.  I joined with CodePink Women for Peace in February of 2003 in the streets of DC and last worked with them in DC in October of 2010.  Seven years of my life were spent countering the deceit that the Bush administration promulgated to justify waging war on Iraq.  All the information that has "come out" in the last many years  was known in 2002....more

Current Measles Outbreak Tied to Anti-Immunization Sentiments

I was shocked to learn earlier this week that a measles outbreak had been identified in Texas.  I was not surprised to find that the epicenter of the outbreak was in a religious community which encouraged prayer over immunization. ...more
@Shellireads Science nerd or not, being an informed mom is a wonderful way of expressing love ...more

My BlogHer '13 Logistical Tips

I've been digging into the logistics behind BlogHer 13.  I was the security and facility manager at an anthropological  state museum here in Tucson for several years and like to know about the layout and such of places I visit. I thought I might as well share....more
I love that you included a nearby grocer and pharmacy. We almost always end up looking for one ...more

Cool Collaborators: Generation Fabulous

Women, as Apple used to say, "Think Different."  Thank heavens for that difference.  I think it might save the world....more
Thank you for writing this, Nancy. It is such a great community of women. We're so glad to have ...more

Helen Reddy Should Be Proud

During this past year we had to face that the war on women still rages,that it rages over generations and centuries, that the campaign will be a lifelong one, the battles seem to go on forever, and "the other side" sanctions the use of snipers, terrorist tactics, and limits the concept of collateral damage to fetuses.  We must not become complacent or allow our daughters and their descendants to forget the the ever so recent introduction and tenuous status of the concept of women's rights into our culture....more

HOW, Exactly, Arizona Elections Are Being Stolen

Crappola. I want to be a regular old empty nest blogger and non-political writer, but I am cursed with awareness of events and the power that single voices can have. So instead of writing about Pinterest posts that serve as #ff or Follow Friends or Follow Fridays or Friend Feed or whatever the heck it stands for, I am writing about the theft of elections in Arizona and how they are being accomplished in at least one county, Pima County....more