Jean Stites

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Happy Holidaze Free eBook Codes

Greetings of the season! Perhaps a few of you remember when I took advantage of this wonderful Blogher site to teach myself to write for the Internet by blogging all the recipes in my little cookbook of family favorites—all part of my larger adventure in self-publishing, which has just come to a personal party point for me because I’ve finally finished putting the rest of my literature up there on the cybershelf....more

Adventures in Real Estate

Anybody remember Y2K? Remember how back in the summer of 1999 the world began to worry that the magic of technology would turn black and self-destruct when the internal clocks of everything from computers to coffeemakers tried to deal with the year 2000?...more

Rooster the Cat Saves the Day

Well I’ve just finished a blog about self-publishing where I point out that I might not be an author at all if little ones like my sweet pussycat hadn’t kept getting me up at the crack of dawn all these years, which moves me to also tell you about the day Rooster may have saved my husband’s life. We saved her when she first came to us, and then she returned the favor—probably because we were drawn together by the power of love....more

Adventures in Self-Publishing

Well yesterday I finally crossed the finish line and put the last of my books up there on the cybershelf, which constitutes the end of a path that I’ve been on for thirty-five years; and because I myself always yearn for enlightenment on the subject of publishing, I’m hoping that at this point in my adventures there might be some among you who’d benefit from hearing about them, as well as some who might have some invaluable comments or tips for yours truly....more

Nora Ephron's Cheesecake

Well the other day I was searching for something festive to whip up, when suddenly I knew that it was time to bake one for Nora. Known to most as one of the bright lights of Hollywood, in my mind she’s always been that chick just a few years older than me who was actually a writer getting treated like an equal on the pages of Esquire magazine, way back in 1973.......more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Sweet Corn Salad

Well in my neighborhood the light has shifted toward autumn and we’re about to see the last of the sweet corn at the Farmer’s Market, which is the sort of thing that makes me think in terms of spectacular finales, and so I took the trouble to make corn salad....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Good Old Banana Bread

Looking for something delicious, yet relatively nutritious, to pack into that lunchbox? Or maybe a treat that can actually make it all the way to some hungry college freshman’s desk intact? Well here’s one time-honored suggestion....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Black and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well check out what my daughter did the other day: she took it into her head to mix white and semi-sweet chocolate chips together for a new taste treat!...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Grandma's Coffee Cake

Want to blow the minds of those you love? Then get up early and surprise them with this simple, heartwarming enhancement to almost anybody’s beverage....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Vanilla Pound Cake with Peaches and Cream

Well in my universe, July is ruled by the Sign of the Peach, as those fragile fruits reach their peak of perfection and seem to simply demand special treatment; while this year, visions of your classic vanilla pound cake and prerequisite cream soon began to dance in my head…....more