September is World Alzheimer's month: Technology and pre planning helps caregivers

September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Alzheimer’s disease deserves the global attention. It is a complex global disease involving much more than mere memory decline. Closer to home, it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. It is among the top 10 diseases in the in the US that cannot be prevented, reversed, or cured....more
This is a very, very sad disease, Gael, and one that I am so afraid of. I don't personally know ...more

Wee lambies need love

Riding the train home from work, in my typical ‘don’t bother me I am asleep’ non sleeping pose, I heard a new born cough. It was one of those wet phlegmy coughs. Through half opened eyes I noticed a young mother across from me. Ever the people watcher I was on full alert. The mother was about sixteen, the baby was too young to be in such a public place being that ill....more

Taylor Swift bought a mansion and an onlooker seethed.

  Is it me or is there a growing class warfare or class envy? There have always been those who hate the rich and blame the poor but the first time I noticed it in the present form was when President Obama was elected. An interviewer asked elated women where they were going. They were physically running toward "Obama's stash"....more

Chynna Laird, mother of 4, 2 with special needs, turns author

    Chynna Laird is a writer, psychology major and mother of four. Her rich life experiences and daughter, Jaimie, and son Xander who live with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder inspire her....more Dear Robin thank you, both Chynna and I wanted the piece to add value to the ...more

Gillian Mawson Tells WWII Stories of Guernsey Evacuees

Those who think the World War Two story has been told have not met Gillian Mawson. Little known but hauntingly personal stories from war evacuees gripped the former University administrator/researcher. She felt compelled to retell the stories of Guernsey Island residents ripped from their families and beloved island ahead of the Nazi occupation....more

Where is the news on Tropical Storm Debby's aftermath?

It’s like the best kept ‘not secret’.  There are 5 partially drowned counties in Florida. Tropical Storm Debby thrashed the gulf coast, spawned 10 tornadoes and dumped up to 25” of rain in some places around June 26, 2012. I left there yesterday....more

J C Penney - a letter to...

Dear Penny’s: I have been in a bit of a snit with you since you changed your marketing plan. When you turned the air down to save money and I was over heated in your store I gave you a pass. But cancelling sales???...more
@HomeRearedChef Thank you Amiga!!! Appreciate your comment.more

Linda Loegel: Author, Song Writer

@HomeRearedChef Thank you dear blogher friend, you are always such an encouragement. I want to ...more

"The child is father to the man"

“The child is father to the man”, said William Wordsworth, and so sang Blood, Sweat and Tears.Children teach more than their own fathers.  Children at a shelter type facility have taught me a lot. It was late at night, they arrived without luggage, without even an extra pair of shoes amongst them. The youngest of three children clutched a toy, it was a plastic castle. She refused to let it go....more
 @HomeRearedChef  Virginia thank you for are welcome...I really appreciate your ...more

A mother's day message for less than perfect, but perfectly good mothers

 In my practice the Monday after Mother’s Day is always the toughest. The mothers who come to therapy are not happy. Their ungrateful children and non supportive husbands, at least by definition today, ignored the day. They would have been thrilled to get half cooked eggs complete with bits of egg shell, cold coffee and burned toast, or a small gift, or a hand written card, or three words on facebook, a phone call, a text, ANYTHING!! But nothing. No acknowledgement....more
Yes. I think what goes around comes around. If we want to be treated fairly ... we should start ...more