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"There's Nothing Wrong with You," and Other Things Not to Say to Women Who Are Trying to Conceive

After my husband and I announced to the world that we are having a little girl, my fellow blogger and old childhood friend, A. Hab, sent me a lovely email containing many congratulations and words of reassurance that having a daughter wouldn't be as scary as we were anticipating. Her message asked about how I was feeling and if the family was excited over the news. Then she mentioned she had come across an article that focused on the worst things one could possibly say to someone TTC (Trying To Conceive). ...more
Thanks for posting this, at least I'm not the only one who doesn't like to hear these ...more

The Minivan Text Messenger vs. My Inner Mama Bear

Between the day I got my driver's license at 17 and my current ripe ol' age of 31, I can confidently say that I have never been in a car accident. *knock on wood*...more

Oregon Passes a Smoke-Free Car Law, and Now I Want to Move There Even More

Since we made a visit to Seattle and British Columbia back in 2010, we have been building a dream of living in the Pacific Northwest. And after we had our daughter the next year, we began outlining a plan to move our jobs out that way. So we narrowed the search down to a few major cities in the Northwest, most of them being in Oregon. We were drawn to the state's culture and climate, and we have been trying our luck in their job market....more
I've never been to this site before but found it while looking up material on smoking laws and ...more

What Teachers REALLY Want for Christmas (Aside from Motivated Students and Job Security)

Each year during my childhood, my mom's family would gather on or around Christmas at my grandparents' house.  My uncle (a music director in a private school) would bring a large box of gifts he had received from dozens of students.  He did this in hopes of pawning them off to my brother and me.  We thought we had hit the jackpot; a second Christmas, of sorts, since the gifts ranged from homemade muffins to Godiva chocolates to musical ornaments.  It never made sense why my uncle would voluntarily part with such treasures.  Looking back with keen teacher eyes, I finally see my uncle's annual holiday dilemma: keep and eat all gifts received whilst combatting indigestion and having a little less closet space than last year, or use what can be used and part with the unnecessary....more
I wish I'd read this back when my kids were still in elementary school!  I have a friend who ...more

Packing to Have a Baby: Your Hospital Stay

Thank you for this. I've been scouring the internet and friends and family for advice on what I ...more

Thanks for the Mammaries!

According to legend, when French explorers first came across a particularly pointy range of snow-capped mountains in the Rockies, they were stunned by their towering beauty.  One Frenchman saw resemblance in these mountainous majesties to certain female anatomy and exclaimed, "Tetons!", or breasts.  After having seen the Grand Tetons for myself earlier this summer, I can understand how this explorer made such a connection....more

Why Increasing Class Size ISN'T a Reasonable Solution

We were caught off guard when we heard the news about our county's elementary schools: 15 teaching positions gone.  That's anywhere from 300 to 375 students that will be crammed into remaining teachers' classrooms this fall, bringing class size up to a maximum of 35 children.  Currently under Georgia law, grades K-3 max out at 23 children per room.  Grades 4-8 can have no more than 28....more

Feeling the Love from Fellow Teachers

It puts fear into the hearts of students, parents, and teachers alike.  It evokes judgment from government officials and those who have never walked a mile in a teacher's shoes.  In some places, it unfairly determines an educator's salary.  And in our school district, it will torment our lives for the next 5 days the same way a foreboding black cloud torments the spirited on a beautiful summer day....more

I Can Finally Enjoy the Land of Pickles and Ice Cream!

We flippin' did it: we made a baby!  Bring on the bowls of pickles and ice cream to celebrate.  Just bring them in separate bowls.  I don't like it when my food touches.  ...more

Dear Baby Yet to be Conceived

Dear Baby Yet to Be Conceived,  ...more