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Vacation With Friends: Part 1 - Santa Fe and Balloon Fiesta at Dawn

Just do it. We had an amazing time. Elaine and Allan were such wonderful people to be with for our 4 short but action packed days together! They arrived a day before we did, and I suggested that they take the tram to the top of the Sandia Mountains and visit Old Town. We didn't arrive until 3 pm so it would have been nuts for them to just sit around and wait for us to get in. Little did I know Elaine was afraid of heights! But they both said it was a beautiful ride up and on the drive to the tramway, they found a herd of buffalo with babies. Welcome to Albuquerque!...more

Snap Out Of It!

Who has the power to take away your "happy"? Anyone? Is it a power given away during a moment of weakness and then so hard to take back? Does it have to be? Is there anyone in your life who has that ability, that power over you, that they can completely revert you to childlike self defense? I didn't think anyone could take my happy away. But I lost it somewhere in Germany....more

Getting Ready For Europe

Well, it’s not very long now before we head off into the sun again. This time we are headed for Zurich, where we will spend 3 days with a tour group our travel agent set up. We do get free time while we are there, which will be great, as long as we don’t get lost.After  3 days in Switzerland, we take a train to Amsterdam, where we board our Avalon Waterways river cruise boat for seven days of cruising the Rhine River. Afterwards, we spend 3 days in Paris, again with a guided tour group. Which gives me peace. I don’t want to get lost. Did I mention that before?...more
@elaineR.N. Am I really going to need all that security on guided tours gf? you are scaring me! :)more

Female Family Love and The Family Jewels

Growing up, I learned at an early age, that  in my family, diamonds equaled love. And the bigger the diamond equaled more love. I think this is an Italian thing, at least that is what I assume. I remember someone telling me that Italian women give their daughters jewelry. It's not right, equating jewels to love. But, the sentiments and stories that go with the jewels that were passed between the women of my family are chock full of love. I first learned of family jewels as a little girl, when my Grandmom would lavish "real gold" gifts to me....more

Plated: A Review

I'm torn here. I want to do a good review. There is so much I love about Plated. But then again, there is so much I don't love. I thought maybe I would make a list of both, and let you decide if it is right for you. Pros:Delivery to your doorstepEasy to follow recipesJust about everything is includedEverything is freshWe got to try new dishes, with ingredients never used beforeperfectly proportioned ingredients DeliciousReasonably priced at 11 dollars per plate deliveredCons:...more
Where do you find more info on where the ingredients come from? Non-gmo, gluten free, non ...more

A Daily Dose of Dahlia

Hi world!  I decided to just give you a Daily Dose of Dahlia.DeliciousDahlias are so sensual. Flower porn. Out of every flower out there that I will shoot, dahlias are my favorite....more
@MforMischief thanks so much :)more

Jockey Custom Fit Bra Review

When I got home from BlogHer'13, of course I had to try on the cups that we got from Jockey's new custom tailored fit bra. I'm always on the quest to find something comfortable to hold up the ladies. I  gasped at the retail price of $60 but Jockey gave us a 30 dollar off coupon.  I figured what the heck I'll give it a try nothing seems to ever control these girls way they should.  After going to BlogHer, I decided maybe I should start wearing foam cups, for modesty.  Every single picture of me from Chicago, well you can see my nipples! ...more
Well, I found out there is a Jockey outlet near me, so I went & found out. The cup 10 is no ...more

I Lost A Friend At BlogHer'13

So. I lost a friend at BlogHer '13. I realized I was being ignored right away after I got home from Chicago, I felt it in my heart. This friend, she's usually engaging and funny and always had a kind word for me across all the social platforms.She was strangely silent for a few days, and my first feeling was fear. I was afraid something awful happened in her life. She wasn't answering texts or phone calls from me at all. I saw she was actively posting on Facebook and I figured they were scheduled posts....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com You think? You never really knew me at all did you?    Signed: The Real ...more

You Want To Move Back Home?

Well, let me tell you:I've barely stepped a foot in Nikki's old room since she moved out in 2006. TWO THOUSAND AND SIX! Sure, I went in there to make sure she removed every last trace of Nikkiness and took it with her when she moved out. Not that I didn't want any residual of Nikki here, I just have enough of my own stuff to contend with. My intention back in 2007 when I asked her to get the last of her stuff out of the closet was to spread out. (I do have a splatter painting she made in 3rd grade framed and hanging on a wall). ...more
@Denise thanks! steps are exercise too, right? lolmore

Why I Didn't Attend That Party Offsite During BlogHer13

I feel like I really left people down by not going to a generational party that I was invited to, and I would like to apologize and explain why I declined at the last minute....more
@JennaHatfield  @Karen Ballum there was a lot of smiling at BlogHer this year! :) i am so glad I ...more