Bidding You Farewell

They say all good things must come to an end, and I suppose that’s true in some ways. Next month, a major chapter of my life will wind down to a close as I shut my laptop one last time, breathe a sigh of contentment, and bid my BlogHer co-workers a heartfelt goodbye. Or, I expect I will be breathing a sigh of contentment. It could be a sigh of fear, or apprehension, or incredulousness at my own brazen actions....more
Aww... I will MISS you. You were so KIND to me behind the stage at BlogHer 11. I will always ...more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Call for Ideas Ending Soon!

That time of year is upon us… No, I’m not referencing the holiday season! We at BlogHer are anticipating and celebrating the annual Call for Ideas for two of our most classic events: BlogHer Food, and BlogHer’s annual conference!And if you can believe it, the BlogHer Food ’12 Call for Ideas closes TOMORROW (December 21st), and the BlogHer ’12 Call for Ideas closes in just TWO WEEKS (Thursday, January 5th)....more
I am starting to get really excited! If I'm able to make it, this will be my first time at BlogHer!more

Conference Corner: More About Birds of a Feather Meetups

Since BlogHer’s inception in 2005, we’ve hosted something we call Birds of a Feather meet-ups at each conference. Essentially, they are small, informal gatherings where you can meet others in your niche, network with new tribe members, build relationships with others who share your passions, and find new-to-you bloggers to read.Birds of a Feather meet-ups are a fantastic way to connect with others who share your same passions and interests, plus meet others on the first day of the conference that you’ll likely see throughout the rest of the event!We thought it would be helpful to provide a bit more detail about how Birds of a Feather meet-ups work:...more
This is a brilliant idea! As a blogger coming all the way from Australia, I have no idea what to ...more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Invites 80% New Speakers to Events

Tired of all the same people speaking every year about all the same topics? Don’t recognize most of the speakers lined up for BlogHer Events? We’ll take that as a compliment.For the past several years, BlogHer has committed to a speaking roster of 80% new, fresh voices. That means we seek out bloggers who are demonstrated community leaders, not just the "stars" of blogging. We're interested in women who are forging new paths through the Internet. You may not recognize all the names in our speaking roster, but we guarantee that BlogHer speakers are worth getting to know -- many of them could become your new favorite haunts, the first site you stop by when reading blogs, or even your trusted friends....more
I think there should be a Topic of Discussion for Newbies- New Bloggers Massive Appeal. I've ...more

Conference Corner: Submit Questions to Help Demystify BlogHer Events

Let’s be honest: Attending a blogging conference can be exhilarating, overwhelming, exciting… and maybe a little scary. That’s why BlogHer has created this Conference Corner series: to help demystify our events, to help you get the most out of them, and to help set your heart at rest before you arrive. As we anticipate our 2012 conference year, it’s important to staff at BlogHer that your questions are answered before each event. And whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you can help us with that!...more

Conference Corner: Speaker Introductions at the Beginning of Each Panel

If you’ve ever attended a BlogHer event, attended a session online through our Virtual Conference feature, or read through a session transcript in our Live Blog section, you may have asked yourself: Why don’t speakers introduce themselves more thoroughly? I want to know more about their background, their expertise, where they blog, and why they’re on this panel!Truth be told, they don’t give a bio because BlogHer asks them not to. ...more
Love this strategy. Makes total sense. more

Conference Corner: How to Become a Speaker at BlogHer Events

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently (as a part of the conference programming team) is this: “I want to speak at BlogHer. How can I make that happen?”I have a canned answer, which is: “The best way to become a speaker at BlogHer Events is to apply during our Call for Ideas; you can submit yourself as a speaker on a certain topic, or you can submit a full session proposal (including other panelists!), or anywhere in between.”...more
I wish I had known that that one time you run into someone you were hoping to see by accident is ...more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Writers ’11 Session Hashtags

For anyone following BlogHer Writers ’11 on Twitter, BlogHer has developed hashtags for each breakout session and keynote. This way, attendees can include their tweets in the larger #BlogHerWriters stream, or they can hyper-focus on panels with their favorite nuggets of information from speakers, other attendees they are meeting, what they are doing, etc. The full list of conference hashtags are included in the table below, organized by session....more
@FireMom Jenna, hope to meet you in person tomorrow!more

Conference Corner: BlogHer Writers '11 - So You Wanna Be a Published Author

BlogHer Writers ’11, sponsored by Penguin, takes place next week in New York City, and if you’re attending we hope our Conference Corner series has helped you prepare for the event. We’ve covered how to get the most out of the event, we’ve examined mentoring groups in closer detail, and today we want to highlight the mechanics of becoming a published author.  Even if you're not coming to the conference, you'll want to dig into this....more

Conference Corner: Preparing for BlogHer Writers '11

Attending a conference is a big investment in yourself, and you want to make the most of it. You've purchased your conference registration, and taken time off of work to boost your personal work, your future. Now that you've squared away the toughest of the logistics (and bookmarked some fun places to go when you're in town), here are a few homework assignments you might consider doing in advance to get the most out of BlogHer Writers '11....more