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I cried real tears when my first pair of favorite jeans got an irreparable hole in an unfortunate spot. Ahem. There are only so many places you can put a patch ....more

Whistle Practice

Luna’s favorite place, other than the middle of the couch, is the rug in our kitchen. It’s also where she does most of her head-tilting. This is like trumpet practice, but different ....more

Life List 21-30

It’s been over four years since I added items to my Life List. FOUR YEARS. That’s just sad ....more

New Adventures

I currently have the urge to do adventurous things, which is not a place I have considered being for a long, long time. In fact, I’ve been scared to do much of anything, but sometimes you come to a point where you feel you have nothing to lose. There are certain adventures I’ve always wanted to go on ....more

This is Your Brain on Sleeping Pills

I will start this post by letting you know that I took my sleeping pill about 10 minutes ago; usually that would be enough time to crank a quick paragraph out for National Blog Posting Month, but I washed my face and brushed my teeth and missed my window. I am already backspacing a lot and misspelling about every other word. Like, right there, I spelled window, “winder” ....more

Trumpet Practice



I like words. Words motivate me, heal me, make me stronger and help me find peace. I read quotes, daily, for all of those reasons ....more

This is Why Mayans Sacrificed People

My 12 year old son came home with a monumental packet of papers on Ancient Civilizations tonight. There were 10 pages of notes fastened to the back of it. In total, he handed me 48 pages on Aztecs, Mississippians, Mayans and Incas, then exclaimed, “This is ALL on the test tomorrow!” Tomorrow ....more

How My Day Got Bright

Today, somewhere between having to help my 80 year old mother, a parent-teacher conference, work, the grocery store, making dinner, school drop-off and pick-up, our third showing in 24 hours (anyone want to buy a house?), and all other situations faced by a sandwich-generation-special-needs-parent-homework-helping-homemaker-full-time-employee-mom-wife. I felt like life was slapping me in the face today. I couldn’t bear to take on ....more


Today is 11/11. Whenever the clock says 11:11 I make a wish, so I’ve been making a lot of wishes today. I still believe in wishes, even though I’m 43 ....more