Diane Lang

Tennessee, Tennessee, Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be

A few years ago I wasn’t much of a traveler. I was kind of scared to venture out and about with a sick kid at home. And we definitely didn’t have much money ....more

My Sunshine

Dear Ali, You didn’t come into the world serenely. As I was being monitored in a hospital room, 10 weeks before your due date, a...more

Life List 41-50 and a Review

In 2010 I started a Life List of items I wanted to accomplish. It took almost five years (and a divorce) for me to mark any of them complete, but as of last August I had crossed five things off. And, as of a couple of weeks ago I’m happy to have made some more progress ....more

Blogging: Found

I was looking for a picture last night. Not like the old days when you would pull out a photo album and flip the pages over – looking through, maybe, 50 images to find the one you wanted. No, I was looking for a specific photo and couldn’t find it on my phone ....more

Take My Hand

As a best friend’s father lay dying last winter we gathered around the edge of his bed and I grabbed one of his hands. I held it in mine and traced the lines and sun spots dotting his skin. Those hands were like a glimpse into his past; of a life well-lived ....more

They Aren’t Here

It never gets any easier....more


Your birthday crept up on me this year because things have been a little crazy around here. Not that we don’t know crazy, because you and I have been doing crazy for 13 years and 364 days. Give or take a few leap years ....more

No Resentment

It’s no secret that life has changed a lot around here. Many days are still hard – there’s a lot of anger and resentment, and having a child with special needs who goes through major life trauma isn’t as easy as it sounds. As a matter of fact, it sounds a lot like a screaming cat ....more

On Forgiveness

We Catholics are in the home stretch of Lent. I used to give up chocolate or beer, or something else that would slim me down in time for spring break. Part of me offered something up out of faith and part of me offered something up out of vanity ....more

Are You Whole?

Well, are you? Oh, I know. Half of you are just staring at the words thinking, I don’t even understand the question! ...more