Eat Down, Day Nine: Ooopsie

Chicken eggs FTW Right off the bat I feel like I have to get something off my chest....we cheated. I know, BUT, hear me out. We cheated to the tune of $4.07, but I swear to god, I have a good reason ....more

Eat Down, Day Six: Hitting A Stride

We are almost a week in on our eat down, and it's going really well. There is something altogether liberating about not having to go to the grocery store amiright? We cheated a little over the weekend when we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday, but other than that we have only purchased food from our local farm stand, barring our initial grocery shop.Sunday night, I used the last of the mixed salad greens ....more

Eat Down, Day Three: Send Mushrooms

We are on day three of the eat down and I have already made a critical mistake...I didn't buy enough mushrooms. In my defense, when I went shopping for the eat down, I was recovering from the flu. So my mind was hazy ....more

The Great Eat Down of 2017

This summer has been flying after than a bald eagle hopped up on 'Merican spirit. I mean, seriously, breakneck speed. And you know what that leaves? ...more

My Secret To "Time-Out" Success

I will put a troll in time out like a mo-fo. My daughter recently turned three, and can I just say "DAMN. Three can be hard." Between her saying she is "scared" of everything, to just flat out bolting away from me in defiance, and a lovely array of other toddler behaviors (um, hey mom, I just trashed your plants!) sometimes I feel like I am living in someone else's version of a joke ....more

Reviving Puffy Sticker Packs

Is anyone else's kid obsessed with Melissa & Doug's Puffy Sticker Packs? I rave about them to everyone I know. Like, I literally asked the guy in charge of ordering of the grocery store how awesome they were and could he please order *all the puffy sticker packs* and then I proceeded to chew his ear off about how my daughter once sat and played with one for two hours ....more

Perspectives: Finding the Beauty in My Black

By Trinity L. Hall “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”- Marcus Garvey I love being Black, however, that love didn’t always exist. When you grow up with as much melanin in your skin as I have, you notice early on that you are different and find that your skin complexion is often the butt of cruel jokes ....more

Perspectives: Being Muslim in America Today

By Aisha Choudhri...more

From Glasgow, Scotland: Trump is a Pure Fanny

A snapshot from the protest in Glasgow, Scotland By Rob Huggett...more

Why Religion & Science Are Compatible

Image Credit: The Odyssey Online...more