Oscar Watch: What's Up With All The Violence?

I love movies and I’m always thrilled when I read about a film made for adults.  It’s a sad fact of life that the big-budget productions, issued in the summer, all feature superheroes with super powers or Will Smith saving the universe –films intended to appeal to teenaged boys, unless they’re made to appeal to pre-teen girls with dreamy, pale-skinned vampires and pumped up wolfmen. ...more
We are a culture of violence. You can't escape it. It's on TV, video games and movies. More and ...more

Thinking of Angels and the Children of Sandy Hook

 We need to believe in angels right now.   This became clear to me on the day after the tragic events in Newtown, CT when I saw that an essay I wrote two years ago, called “A Christmas Eve Thought about Angels”—a post I had nearly forgotten about-- had suddenly become the most popular one on my blog ....more

The Hands Tells the Story--Or Do They?

The Hands Tell the Story, or Do They?  I'm in Manhattan for a quick two-day visit and ...more

Amalia Accessorizes

Always precocious, Granddaughter Amalía, almost 15 months old, announced her early entrance into the Terrible Twos with a complete melt-down screaming tantrum while riding in rush-hour traffic through downtown Miami several nights ago.  The reason for the tantrum: she hated the shoes her Mommy had put on her (black Mary Janes.)  The only solution was to hide the offending shoes and let her go barefoot for t ...more

A Paranormal Investigator Tells her Ghost Encounters

During the last week before Halloween, while re-posting my three articles about true ghost stories I've learned about, I asked readers to tell me of any supernatural encounters they may have had.  I was delighted when three people responded, and thrilled that one of them was a “paranormal inve ...more

True Ghost Stories III --Kids, Animals & Monsters

Newsflash:  While reprinting my three-part series on "True Ghost Stories" during Halloween week, ...more

LeRoy Neiman --The Artist Critics Love to Hate

                                                      Bebeto Matthews, Associated Press...more