How can you create a personal portfolio that will impress?

Susan RawlingsTwitter: @susansboutiqueEmail: boutiquesearchmarketing@gmail.comI am in the process of developing a new marketing business and using my past personal and professional experiences as "talking points" in a visual way that will help me tell my story and share my expertise.I have discovered a free eBook on this while researching methods and topics on portfolios this morning on the web....more

Should LeBron be in the new hall of fame?

Susan RawlingsTwitter: @susansboutiqueEmail: boutiquesearchmarketing@gmail.comLiving in Cleveland, I am all too familiar with the terrible tale of LeBron James.Now that the NBA might not even be playing this season, there is a lot of talk about whether or not he is a superstar, especially with the lingering loss in the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks....more

Getting Started With My Own Business

Susan RawlingsTwitter: @susansboutiqueEmail:  As I begin my small business venture AND adventure, I have lots of questions for my fellow entrepreneurs.  How do you measure success?  How long did it take for you to feel as though you were making a worthwhile investment with your time, energies and talents? Just looking for a virtual "measuring cup" of sorts, if you will! Would love to hear your stories!   Susan  ...more

Susan Rawlings
Twitter: @susansboutique