Childhood Cancer and Celebrity Joy: The Dragonfly Foundation

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying an early breakfast with my dear friend and respected colleague, Ria Davidson. Ria is co-founder of the Dragonfly Foundation, an organization whose mission is to bring comfort and joy to kids, young adults, and their families enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants....more

Managing the challenges of a neurogenic bowel or bladder?

While at BlogHer 2014, co-leading a session focused on health, a lovely woman came over and introduced herself to me during a group breakout.  It was JoAnne Lake.  She told me about her neurogenic bowel and bladder problem and shared she was writing a book about her experience....more

Flight Cancellation and an Airport Overnight Stay

Last week I spent the night at the Tampa Airport. I got stuck there due to a connecting flight cancellation that occurred too late in the evening for me to find an alternative flight home – or anywhere else. After trying my best to find other flight options, I remained smug and unperturbed because I could afford to stay overnight in a hotel. Also, the Marriott is located in the airport and I, being a platinum elite Marriott cardholder, was certain they would welcome me with a smile and a room for the night....more

Have you been tempted to wear a face mask to keep out the flu?

Recently, when talking to a dear friend, another nurse, and lamenting that I was hesitating taking unnecessary, though desired, plane travel due to concerns about the flu, she said to use a facemask. I pooh poohed it due to my experience using them while a labor and delivery room nurse many years ago.   What I remembered is that once the paper surgical mask became moistened, due to the moisture we exhale while breathing, it became less effective as a barrier. After our discussion, I decided to research this further....more

How to Celebrate Chanukah: 8 Days of Joyous Gift Giving

Chanukah is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. Why? It is a happy ending story of heroism and cooperation. Also (and I swear this is secondary), it lasts for over a week and includes the traditional eight days of gift-giving....more
Great article! If you need a fun Hanukkah gift. Amazon is selling the Hanukkah TickleMe Plant ...more

Started my own blog space!

Happy birthday to me!!  As a gift to myself this year, I had my own blog space created.  Yes, a place that is all mine to do with - or not - as I would like.  As I describe in my first post there, I am very grateful to BlogHer.  BlogHer has been my nurturing friend and my posse of well wishers and supporters.  They accepted me before I would even accept myself as a blogger.  But, I am leaving the boarding house and moving down the road.  This means that I will continue to cross post and read other posts.  However, my home will be separate....more
Denise Thanks!!more

Celebrate National Bladder Health Awareness Month With a Gift and Learn More About Incontinence

The National Association for Continence has designated November as National Bladder Health Awareness Month.   Creating awareness of this widespread health issue is a great way to get the dialogue going and to help pave the way for discussion with ones health care professional.   After all, bladder health greatly impacts ones wellbeing.   A study conducted by Always Discreet and published in the British Journal of Urology International online June 24,  2014 found that bladder leaks are taking a toll on women globally.  Not exactly the global common gro...more
HomeRearedChef Thanks Virginia for your words.  I too am glad it is being discussed openly, as I ...more


Women who are prescribed medications have every right to expect those medicines have been studied appropriately for them before being approved by the FDA to treat a specific condition or disorder.  We know that women respond differently to a broad range of therapies and we need to learn more about why....more
Bodynsoil It is something we trust is happening. There are serious risks when it doesn't.  ...more

Traveling - Holiday or Not - Incontinence need not be a show stopper!

I love holidays where there’s nothing much to do except relax at home.  But every so often, I love leaving home behind, so I can experience wonderful places and my friends and family around the world.  In fact, anyone who knows me thinks that I’m never home, although that’s not exactly true.  What is true, is that I love the entire adventure, including the part most people dread - the actual travel portion. I really enjoy air flight, appreciate all the technology that keeps us in the air (I still think it’s magical) and the beauty of the skies....more
SunbonnetSmart.com HI Robin:  Thanks much for sharing this information so those who would like ...more

A Herd Of Wild Horses — Genetics And Preservation

Earlier this summer my friend (note that I put that first) who is also my ex sister-in-law (at one time we were both married to brothers) spent several days together at the North Carolina coast.   Our relationship goes back over 4 decades.  There were times, as can happen with friends, where we didn’t see or talk for a time due to life, work responsibilities and other things that can get in the way of connecting with people you care about.   Over the years, we traveled to Europe together three times, roller skated in bars locally (at a much, much younger age), volun...more
elaineR.N. Sounds like an excellent plan, dear Amiga! I look forward to counting our years of ...more