desert temple hike

I told Elijah to smile. He refused... obviously....more

change of heart

I would say for the last 3 years I really struggled with the idea of being a stay at home mom....more


"Many of you are now passing through physical, mental, and emotional trials that could cause you to cry out, 'But I have tried all my life to be good. Why has this happened to me?'...more

lil' slugger

We (well, I decided...) to sign Elijah up for baseball last month after he was done with soccer. I figured that since he loved hitting the ball at Gigi's house over the summer, baseball would be a big hit!...more

disco diva...??

pants: thrifted, H&M brand-new with tags! // top: thrifted, Banana Republic brand // shoes: Kohl's I found these pants BRAND NEW at my favorite thrift store, with tags still attached! I was amazed and my love for thrifting magnified x1000....more

tender mercies

my little Sunbeam. he's my greatest blessing everyday :) I wanted to take a moment to share some small, tender mercies that happened to me the last few weeks (or I guess a month now) that I wanted to remember to reflect on later. And hopefully these experiences can help someone who needs some extra inspiration and peace today as well....more

ruffles & pearls

skirt: c/o Persunmall...more


"I have absolute certain knowledge, perfect knowledge, that God loves us. He is good, he is our Father, and he expects us to pray and trust and be believing and not give up and not panic and not retreat and not 'ump ship when something doesn't seem to be going just right."...more

Holiday Snapshots

Hello! We're alive!...more