Mom is the Only Girl

Lisa has Breast Cancer

A friend of mine is fighting breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. I want to introduce you to her via my blog so you can put a face to breast cancer. (Watch Dr. Oz on Tuesday, October 21st, to hear her voice!...more

When You Talk With Your Child

Most of the time I post about fun things my kids and I do together, things that will hopefully prompt you to have fun with your kiddos, but this topic has been on my mind lately. You can always read more at Mom is the Only Girl.When you talk with your child are you really just talking to them?...more


I was talking with a friend about how I feel as a mom and a blogger. We both read blogs by homeschooling moms who seem to have it all together, being creative teachers, great homemakers, have beautiful blogs and printables...and sometimes I feel less than adequate. I know I shouldn't compare myself to them, but that's something we all do in our own way, isn't it?...more

An Innocent Comment (Or How to Impact a Child)

Lots of family time this past week with birthday parties and Thanksgiving gatherings included seeing some people we don't get to see often and some we're still getting to know, some I miss and others I'm glad to see only once a year if that. ...more

Sweet Pea Turns 4

Today is Sweet Pea's 4th birthday! I can't believe four years have passed since I first saw those little hands and held his tiny body against mine, saw his little smirky grin as Hubby burped him for the first time, knowing we were in for quite the ride!...more

Indoor Pillow Fun

The weather here lately has been dreary and wet, so we have done a lot of playing inside. One recurring pastime was playing with a pile of pillows. The creativity and imagination was great! At different times we had a pond, boat, bridge, rocks, landing spot, train, train tracks, a train boxcar, a truck...the list could go on! I'm so thankful to have a big enough home that my boys can get some gross-motor play in when the weather is less-than favorable.What things do your kiddos do to let off energy when they can't go outside? ...more

Stay at Home Mom

The other day I overheard two moms talking while my kiddos were playing. They were talking about the buttons kiddos push, having to 'deal with the brats on the playground' and just the general stuff dealing with staying at home with children.At first I thought they were putting stay at home moms down, but then one said something like, 'I did it for a year,  not by choice, and every day I dreamt about returning to work to escape from it. I just wasn't meant to be a stay at home mom.'...more

Help Alleviate Back to School Separation Anxiety

I should have posted this sooner as most kiddos are already back to school, however, if yours is having a little bit of a hard time leaving you in the morning maybe what I did for my kiddos will help. I actually did this the first time for Cutie Pie last year as he went off to helped him a lot!Click here to read more!...more

Organizing Mission Week 11

Organizing this past week has mostly been in the realm of organizing my mind as a mom. There are certain things that keep creeping into my mind - doubts, fears - about being a mom. Sometimes it's just a little overwhelming thinking about how to achieve a little quiet time here and there to gather my thoughts in order to go on with my day. Sometimes it's just the simple thought of "there's got to be an easier, less stressful way to live this life as a mom!"...more

Power of Moms retreats review and giveaway

Have you ever gone on a retreat? Maybe to learn about a certain topic or just hang out with other ladies and connect? Well, do you know Power of Moms has brought their retreats to the virtual world and you can go on one via your computer while the kiddos are in quiet time or sleeping for the night?! (and possibly win one right here!)...more