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Four years ago and change

Four years ago and  change, I wrote about my experience falling down a rabbit hole co-mingling life and legalities, as well as the beginning effort to climb back out again.Causing harm and damage sucks. It’s hell being morally wrong. It’s hell being legally wrong.  Yet there is another aspect to it all, something President Obama touched on when he pardoned 46 a couple of weeks ago. People make mistakes, for whatever reason. Not everyone with a conviction is evil and untrustworthy. You can read about my experience here:...more
Denise  Thank you. I was an unholy mess then. The memories of it I'd like to package and bury, ...more

As a Former Planned Parenthood Escort, I'm Cheering the New Hampshire Buffer Law

On Tuesday, we celebrated a little big victory. Our state committed to the safety of all who make use of, pass by, live near, or even object to reproductive health clinics.  At a time when the United States trends toward more restrictions on the right of reproductive choices, one state just went the other way: New Hampshire....more
survivelivethrive  I did. NH is reviewing the law, but it likely doesn't stand as is. We'll have ...more

Blindsided By a Name --Chelsea Manning

A storm raged, a private little tempest that sprouted over this town during my homeward commute, sparing everything outside a six-mile wide bubble. My short rush from car to home soaked me. Once inside, coping with soggy clothing and not yet motivated to change, I parked in front of my computer and found a message on whether I wished to write on Chelsea Manning....more
@nellewrites Hey there, thank YOU! For sharing your first person viewpoint, allowing me to ...more

Please show your support for the ERA!

Support the White House ERA petition effort.With one week left to go, we have just over 17,000 of the required 25,000 signatures necessary to elicit a presidential response.The ERA language:Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article....more

prologue to twin'n'ed

 PART ONE Chapter One  September 2006       Air rushed my lungs, an involuntary inhale born from shock.  Despite the chest-seizing gasp, my eyes refused to avert from the provocative picture splayed before me.  ...more
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     Noveling.  The non-word describes my ongoing endeavour to hone something meaningful out of my convoluted mind and channel it via the English language.     Somewhere around 21 months ago, an ominous number with significance in another way, I wrote a moderate-length story titled Twined (with a carat inserted second n), one hundred and fifty or so pages in small cursive.    ...more
@Linda Anselmi How unfortunate to put in so much time only to surrender to he effort.  The ...more

Churning out titbits...

Possible interesting facts from my life…1a. I was born on the 16th anniversary of Krystallnacht.1b. On the 27th, the northeast United States and eastern Canada lost power.1c. On the 51st, the Berlin wall fell.2. I volunteer for Planned Parenthood, and occasionally for NARAL Pro-Choice NH....more
 @GrannyGee  Real, ayee. More like 'nuts'. ;-) But I thank you.more

Should creative writers opine on contentious issues?

Over the course of online involvement, I learned to discuss things of interest and importance to me, or things with impact upon my life.  The mix includes things good, and things bad, and I share a *cough* occasional opinion.No name mentioned here, but I recently visited an author’s blog, an author of many books, one well known to most regular novel readers out there.  One sentence in her words struck me as poignant.  Paraphrasing her words, she claimed it would be disastrous for an author to share an opinion on a religious or political topic. ...more
 @nellewrites I am getting ready with my comfy yoga pant and a cup of tea while waiting for the ...more

French doughnuts

Me writing a foodie post, ruh roh and sheesh.The following recipe comes not from me, but from my aunt via my mother. Caveat: This is not a health food post. Since you don't want me to blather on about batter, the recipe: French Doughnuts1 1/2 cups of flour1/3 cup butter1/2 cup milk1 egg2 1/4 teaspoons of baking powder1/4 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg ...more
Well I will have to try these. My son is addicted to donuts. Thanks!more


Is it dumb to say, "did this really happen to you,." I did a legal paper on Roe vs. Wade...and ...more