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Liberal Arts

 The Atlantic Film Festival just wrapped up my fair city, and alas I only had the time and money to make it out to one film. Luckily it turned out to be a good choice....more


I was perusing a gift shop in North Conway, NH back at the beginning of August, and as I am often wont to do I wandered into the book section, intrigued by the variety of titles......more

Falling in Love

 One of the things I hate about Nova Scotia weather is the seasons always seem to change so abruptly. One minute it's 30 degrees and hot and sunny, and the next you are wearing 4 layers just to go to sleep in your tent Labour Day weekend (this is not hypothetical - this was my LD weekend). ...more

Beer Gut


Department of Gossip

 Yay for new discoveries! That is what this blog is all about, after all. It just so happens that I made two great discoveries this week (and it's only Wednesday - HOLLA!), as follows: 1) Vitamin water and vodka go really well together 2) I am a big fan of LaineyGossip Read the rest of the entry here... ...more

Road Trip


Cookie Monster

 Ok, so who does NOT love Sesame Street?! Anyone? Nope, didn't think so. Yes, I am an adult and I don't even have kids, but it doesn't mean I can't love kids shows. I love that a show that I watched as a kid is still going strong and providing great entertainment for kids even today. And they have definitely done a good job of 'keeping up with the times' by featuring fun vids with popular celebrities interacting with muppets, and getting involved with social media. ...more
You totally warned!  I had the song, "Baked a cake" stuck in my head from Sesame Street all day ...more

Sailor's Life


Hidden Gems: Halifax Urban Greenway

 Check out my past Hidden Gems posts here and here.   *All photos in this post by me* Since the weather has become sunnier and warmer, I have been making an effort to get outside on my lunch break to go for a walk, or even just sit and read a book. The shot of fresh air and sunshine is a great midday pick-me-up (essential for good mental health, imho)! ...more