My Photo Weekend In London

I spent a wonderful weekend in the amazing London, England, this April. Below are some photos from that visit:Sightseeing in London.Buckingham Palace, change of guards.Big Ben....more

I Miss You

I have felt like ever since I lost my beloved Lisen I have found it hard to put up any cheerful or informational posts, or any posts at all for that matter. Blogging was our thing.I miss you, Lisen. Words cannot express how much! ♥ ♥ ♥...more

My Week In Cyprus

I recently got home from an amazing one week all inclusive vacation visit to Ayia Napa in Cyprus. I had such an awesome time there! Not only was the island of Cyprus super stunning with many fantastic beaches, the hotel I stayed at was excellent and the weather was perfect. See more at: Come Back From Cyprus...more
Beautiful (as I sit here shivering at my desk.) I'm totally jealous.more

My Midsummer Eve Five Minute Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

This Midsummer's Eve I made a strawberry ice cream cake with fresh Swedish strawberries, meringues, whipped cream and (of course) vanilla ice cream. It only took me about five minutes to put it all together! And it tasted heavenly amazing!! So it is definitely a cake I will do many times again in the future (not only on Midsummer's Eve). :p...more

Funky Mushrooms

Earlier today I grabbed my doggy, camera and off to the Rödeby forest in Sweden we went. And I found a lot of mushrooms there, funky mushrooms!More photos at: Funky Mushrooms...more
Mushrooms...I LOVE mushrooms! And I really appreciated your picture of the mushroom. Gorgeous! ...more

Cruising in Saint Petersburg

The second stop on my cruise was Saint Petersburg, or St. Petersburg, in Russia. A city I had really looked forward to visit. So I was very excited when we arrived there. Now Saint Petersburg was the only city where we had to have a Visa if we wanted to enter.Full post and photos at: Cruising in Saint Petersburg ...more

Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia

The first stop on my cruise was Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It was a very beautiful and picturesque city indeed!  We spent our time in Old Town in Tallinn. And in the photo I am standing with my ice cream at the Town Square in Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia.Photos and full post at: Photo frenzy in Tallinn, Estonia...more

My Vision Of The Seas

Pond Artistico

I played around a bit with my camera at my mums garden pond in Rödeby, Sweden recently. Man how I bent, crawled and laid down on the ground to try and get some good photos. My leg muscles were so sore the day after!Full post and more photos at: Pond Artistico...more