Plus ca change, plus ca rien change

Wow, Labyrinth is a different experience as a (mostly) grown up woman who's read the fanfiction. "Well, Sarah, how are you enjoying my Labryinth?" indeed. Also, I still can't wrap my head around the.. ....more

I'd like to have an argument, please

This raggedy boy is incontrovertible proof that God knows I'm an incurable know-it-all and wants to demonstrate how annoying it is. Also irony. Sandi: Pull your bowl closer to you ....more

For the first time in forever

For some unaccountable reason I walked down the steps this morning optimistic and happy, which is a refreshing change from how I've felt in the past few months. Now - don't get me wrong - it's not... (I am a jerk, and making you click over to The Mrs to read more ....more


Ah, December. Month of gentle snow, silent nights, mounting excitement, and Scrooged. Month in which I am historically over-overwhelmed with client work (if you count two years as an appropriate.. ....more

Hero Worship

So today I talked to my hero on the phone for the first time. It was heady, heady stuff. Let me back up, because this post already sounds breathless and uncomfortably fan-girl-ish.* As my.. ....more

Guys, it's the fourth snow day in a row

Monday: buses not cancelled. Driving home from Pennsylvania. Rain, and then snow for the eight and a half hours ....more

That post she wrote/is writing/might not write about church

There are a million reasons why I don't want to write a post about why we don't go to church. 1. I'm a card-carrying member of the Ironic Generation and sincerity is hard. 2. It feels like.. ....more

Turns Out I'm From 1953

I scoffed at the "reading in the bath" trope. "Scoff, scoff," I would scoff scoffingly, "that's just a cliché that Avon used in 1953 to sell bubble bath." I would point to the description of this... (I am a jerk, and making you click over to The Mrs to read more ....more

I have an exam today which is why I've been ignoring you and thinking about REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS instead

Like so: Hooray! Exams! I get to (completely) fill in little circles! ...more

Pictures of Me and Rene Descartes in a Bathroom Mirror

Over on the Facebook some time ago (about seven months in dog years, according to my calculations, because veterinary math), I wrote this: (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs =... (I am a jerk, and making you click over to The Mrs to read more. I HATE it when people do that!) ...more