My Elusive Quest For Mom Friends: Are One or Two Friends Okay?

Lately, I’ve read several good articles and blog pieces about the difficulty of making new mom friends. I can identify with these authors because last year seemed to be my year of constant angst about friendships. Do I have enough friends? How can I make new friends? Does it really matter? That was the broken record constantly re-playing itself in my mind....more
HEY!  What about me!!!! :)   I agree it's tough out there.  I think if you make just a few ...more

BFFs & Mean Girls: Why Best Friends Forever Can Be Harmful to Girls

Up until recently, I didn’t pay much attention to the term “BFF” or Best Friend Forever. I’ve seen the term used on mom blogs and elsewhere, but the few times I’ve paid attention to it, I assumed it was a harmless, trendy term for friendship. That was until my 11 year-old daughter started coming home from school mocking the term and saying other girls use it to exclude classmates and form cliques....more
I can really relate to this. I have had a lot of "BFF's" that were not really forever. BTW how ...more

The Rachel Zoe Project Season Finale: Bring Baby To Work (with BABY NURSE)

I watch stylist-to-the-stars, Rachel Zoe’s show, The Rachel Zoe Project, on Bravo because…well, because it’s sort of like a fun, fashionable train wreck. On every episode, we see the super-thin Rachel, her husband Roger and various staff (I miss Brad!) stressing out about all things Rachel Zoe. Now, enter baby Skyler. On last night’s season finale, he’s about 6 weeks old. The finale's called, "Baby Changes Everything". In this case, it really means one more staffer: the baby nurse. ...more

A Mixed-Race Family Endures Harsh Glares, Comments From Strangers

Imagine a gorgeous 37 year-old mom, her husband and two young daughters. In every way, they are a typical American family, raising their kids and working hard. Except, there is one thing that separates them from many other families.  They are forced to fend off racist, intrusive comments from strangers every time they leave the house together. Why? Because they are a mixed-race family, African American and white, with two mixed-race daughters. One of their daughters has blond hair and blue eyes.  ...more

Marriages Between Blacks and Whites Increased Dramatically, New Study Reports

A thought-provoking new study just released by the Journal of Marriage and Family(JMF) finds that interracial marriages between highly educated blacks and whites in the U.S. have increased significantly since 1980. According to the study, marriages between African Americans and whites are increasing rapidly, but remain a small number....more
WTF is wrong with you naive people in the comment section. LMAO black an brown people are still ...more

Supermoms Are Overrated

A new study from the University of Washington in Seattle finds that while working outside the home is good for mothers’ mental health, so-called “supermoms” have higher rates of depression than those working moms who are willing to let go of their expectations of perfection at home and at work. “Supermoms” who set the unattainable goal of being perfect are more likely to be depressed, the study found. ...more
I can totally relate...we all wish we could have it all. The answer: we already do :)more

Being A Motherless Mother

My mother was a complicated person in life and in death. She died when I was nineteen, after a long battle with breast cancer. Actually, calling her struggle a “battle” isn’t entirely accurate because she never once saw a doctor.  A Southern-raised African American who became a hippie in the 1960s and 70s, she didn’t believe in Western medicine. So, when breast cancer ravaged her body, over the span of a decade, she relied on ineffective herbs and natural healing practices to fight the metastatic cancer....more
Wow what a great story ! I'm 19 and my mom died when I was 6. My dad was not around so all my ...more

Cocktail Play Dates: Do Wine And Kids Mix?

A big story on Tuesday's ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA) highlighted a growing trend: moms who drink wine at play dates. These events are known as cocktail playdates. In the GMA segment, a group of about ten Florida moms are happily drinking wine during a play date as their kids drink bottles and play. These moms meet once a month to enjoy time together with wine and kids. They say they don’t drive after the play date....more
Maybe I'm old fashioned. But, even when I take my child to a family function where alcohol is ...more

Mulatto or Mixed-Race?

In an ongoing series on mixed-race identity, The New York Times reports that the term ‘mulatto’ is making a comeback among 20-somethings. As a 40-something, I despise the term ‘mulatto’ and consider it offensive. The history of the word stems from our country’s legacy of slavery and racism when mixed-race people who were any part African American were ‘mulatto’....more

You said that, "The history of the word stems from our country’s legacy of slavery and racism ...more

I'm Addicted To 'Extreme Couponing" But I Hate Coupons

TLC’s new reality show, ‘Extreme Couponing’ is captivating. This show, about real people who use enormous stacks of coupons to get thousands of dollars of groceries for free, is both alarming and endearing. The critics are raving about this show and I’m hooked. But, I’ve never used coupons and I probably never will. According to the show, neither do 97 percent of Americans. Still, that doesn’t stop me from watching....more

I completely agree... I watched the show once and though wow, these people have so much time on ...more