five great things someone else said, vol 45

I am a list maker. A planner. It’s the way I keep the juggle of scriptwriting and writing in script, of writing and editing and calligraphy and photography (well, less photography these days) – all of the bits and pieces of my creative life – it’s the only way to … ...more

five great things someone else said, vol 44

Life is all about the little things. Some days when I’m stressing over the big things, I need to think about all the little bits and pieces that make it whole. That make it funnier ....more

How I Became A Calligrapher (Since You Asked)

How did you become a calligrapher? I’ve been asked more than once. And the answer is, I just sort of did, which isn’t really an answer ....more


Get an early start on holiday gifts – friends, family, teachers or gift yourself. The four styles listed are the most popular sizes for TYPE A stamps, but if you’re looking for something else, big or small, email me – all stamps are 10% off through 11/7/13. Orders ship FREE … ...more

Thank You For The Music

I saw this video thanks to Charlie at How To Be A Dad. And after watching it twice, I had to email it to my dad and tell him to stop what he was doing and watch it right now. (Well, maybe it was a bit less dramatic, but in … ...more

Back to the Future #notsponsored

It was stupid hot here for about a week and a half. The sort of heat that all of Southern California feels from the beaches to the valley to the desert. We swap our dry heat for the humidity more reminiscent of the eastern seaboard ....more

Rip Her To Shreds

There’s this site called Get Off My Internets. If you’re a blog reader, maybe you’ve heard of it. If you’re a blogger, you probably are aware of it because you’re afraid of ending up there, or already have, or maybe know someone who has, and so you checked it out, … ...more

Multitasking: Van Sessions by Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers

The traffic in LA in the last couple of years seems to have made all previous traffic seem like a walk in the park. Or smooth sailing down an empty highway. But this year, I don’t know why, it feels like it’s imploded ....more

The Play’s The Thing

Once upon a time, the tagline for Alexandra Wrote was “Only connect…” from E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End. Only connect… Because the world is small, but the blogosphere has a Shrinky Dink Effect that is mind blowing. While it eventually left the header of the site, the concept remains one of … ...more

Blog, Blah, Blah

I really believe that the beautiful thing about blogging is that it gives people their own virtual Secret Garden, a little bit of earth to cultivate and grow and make what they want of it. And as a writer, I didn’t really know what what I wanted to do with … ...more