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How to Make Redbud Jelly

Redbud blooming season has almost passed in Oklahoma, but the opportunity to make delicate, floral jelly happens every year. These easy step by step instructions, plus a few common questions and answers should help guide you through the process easily.  Once you're finished, stand back and admire your stock of unique gifts for friends, or delicious wares for your pantry....more

How Billie Holiday, Hoboken Coffee and The Pioneer Woman Talked Me Down from my Starbucks Addiction

Technology news is full of information about self-tracking apps helping to "quantify" yourself.  Fitbits track your sleep and exercise.  Apps like Mint help you track your spending, let's just stop right there.  Apps like Mint track your spending patterns and help you see how out of control your coffee drinking habits are....more

Pilot Projects…Oh, the Lessons You Learn!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly were all part of our pilot run to Carney, Oklahoma this past Saturday.Rachel has some beautiful photos, we have some very special video footage, and we're working diligently to honor the essence of our first "point" on the Oklahoma map.  While those pieces are being polished, however, we thought we'd share this little "behind the scenes" video about Pilot Day.  Enjoy! ...more

Deep Empathy for Non-Profits and Development Directors

I've e-mailed all my friends.I've Tweeted all I know to Tweet.I've posted on my Facebook feed ad nauseum.I have $655 to raise and 3.5 days to do it.I finally, probably, very-close-to-almost understand what raising money feels like. And, I'll be so glad to feel something different…SOON....more

The Escapades of Amateurs Managing a PR Campaign

Using my lunch hour efficiently, this Thursday I managed to get to the KSBI-52 studio, complete a short interview, and get back to the precepting room at work with a little time to spare. But not without sweating a few bullets....more

Using Kickstarter is Scary, Exciting, and Um, Scary

Asking for financial support is a process that strikes a deep-seeded fear into the marrow of my bones.  Even when the ask is for something in which I wholeheartedly believe. ...more

On Unsavvy Video Game Parenting and Providing Interviews to People Who Publish a Full Year Later

During the second week in December of 2012, Venture Beat magazine writer Ryan Perez, called me for an  interview about parenting and video games. He must have called BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page as well.  I know he must have called Elisa because last week, because on January 6, 2014 the article was finally published. ...more

"Every Point on the Map" or… Why My Heart is Fluttering

Have you ever had an idea spark at some point in your brain, move from the incubation stages slowly and deliberately, then continuously remerge in your consciousness until it demands to be reckoned with?...more
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The Evolution of "Mommy"

Christmas morning I was sitting in my recliner watching the action.  While the opening of gifts from under the tree had taken place with a fair amount of structure, the discovery of what was stored within stockings was rather chaotic. My mind was fragmented even more, however, because while trying to track what five other people were pulling from their stockings I was also glancing down at some shredded wrapping paper in my lap.  Still taped to a remnant of the red and white paper was a note reading: "To Jams." ...more
Tarrant Figlio - wow, your children dedicated five syllables to your term of endearment! Bless ...more

How to Make Your Own Earl Grey

Drinking Earl Grey brings out the fairy tale, dreamy side of my attitude....more