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5 Wisdom Bites on How to Handle Difficult People

The term “Asshat” seems to be catching on. Today my guest blogger Liv has her own take on how to handle difficult people aka Asshats. I love what she’s learned from her ex and think her practical advice will help not just in the love life arena, but also with family, friends, co-workers and bosses ....more

How to Build Your Brand in 6 Minutes!

How to Build Your Brand? Your Real Self + Your Alter Ego = Your Brand. What do I mean by that? ...more

BAM Conference 2016

The post BAM Conference 2016 appeared first on Shannon Bradley-Colleary ....more

Talking To Kids About Pornography (7 Bullet Points)

I’m sorry to inform you, but today’s parents are going to have to talk to their kids about porn. A recent article, “Sex Before Kissing: 15-Year-Old Girls Dealing With Porn Addicted Boys,“ describes how...more

Guest Post: The “Real Truth” About my Stepmom’s Boobs

My stepmom is one of my favorite people in the world, so I’m excited to share guest-blogger Jezzie Tremaine’s (a pseudonym) story of her equally indomitable stepmom. I give you: “The Real Truth About my Stepmom’s Boobs.”...more

“I See You’ve Made a New Friend” & Other Memories of a Boy Gone too Soon

David Bowie, Glen Frey and Alan Rickman made me think of a Gone Boy who might’ve left a legacy as bright as theirs. He would’ve turned fifty-one last month. He died in the month of March when he was twenty-eight; killed by a...more

My 74-Year-Old Mother Takes on Ecuador (The Galapagos MisAdventure)

(This pretty much sums us up; a cougar and a pirate!) Her Hillside Train Both Hit a Car and Derailed!! She took it all in stride … Kathy Bart is guest posting today. She’s just returned from Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands, she is also my mother (all three challenging environments) ....more

The Most Interesting Woman in the World!

Lizzie Lau is the Most Interesting Woman in the World! She’s packed Heat, Jumped out of airplanes over 400 times, Ridden Motocross and got clotheslined off a bike in Mexico, Lived on and scuba-dived off sailboats from the Caribbean to Dubai. I can’t say I’ve met another woman quite like this badass adrenaline junkie and mother....more

The Shocking Truth about Women in Lingerie over 50 (Photos)

What’s the shocking truth about women over 50 wearing nothing but their skivvies? We feel sexier than ever! NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 9: Shannon Colleary poses for a portrait in New York on Tuesday Feb ....more

Blog Break: I’m Writing a Book (Beware Asshats)

I’ve been writing. And my writing has been writing. And then the writing that...more