When You Don't Have a Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” But what do you do if you don’t have a village? When I had our first baby, we had just moved to a new city, hundreds of miles from family or friends. It was miserable. Eight years later, we are doing OK. We have friends, the kids love their school, and my husband and I both have jobs we like. However, we still don’t really have a village and it’s hard....more
Hi, Sarah, My son is long grown now but I remember the days when it was just the two of us ...more

I Taught My Kids The Diarrhea Song

It all started one night in December when I was way too tired. My husband was working late, and I was determined to take the girls to see the Living Nativity at a nearby church because I thought it would be good for them. My head was throbbing, there was heavy traffic, and I couldn’t find a parking space. The girls were laughing hysterically in the backseat about a joke that didn’t make sense, but used the word “poop” as the punchline.I begged them to be quiet. I threatened them. I tried to distract them, “Let’s sing a Christmas song!”...more
@Denise  Thanks! I agree -- all kids should definitely know it. ;)more

The Importance of Teaching Our Kids to Trust Their Feelings

Two weeks ago, I was standing in line at a kids’ event at the mall with my two daughters. There were bright lights, yelling kids, and miserable parents everywhere. I was dazed and wondering why I had thought this was a good idea. All of a sudden, my eight-year-old yanked my arm and started to whisper. Her eyes were big and urgent and I had to lean over to hear what she was telling me. “That man keeps staring at me,” she whispered loudly. “The man RIGHT THERE in the blue shirt and the hat.”...more
Awesome, Sarah!more

Deleted Post

I've been bothered by the sexy female costumes for years now, I am horrified to know they make ...more

About the Dad Who Left His Baby in the Car

Last week, I read an article about a dad who forgot to drop his baby off at daycare, went to work, and then discovered the baby in the car nine hours later. It was a horrible story....more

The True Story of My Bat Attack

Two weeks ago, I was walking my dog Gretchen around our cul-de-sac at night. This is usually my favorite time of the day. Our street has no lights and it’s very quiet. I like to look up at the stars and think about things and relax. It is a very peaceful time.Or it was a peaceful time. Until the attack. ...more
You got bitten by a bat! I didn't think that was possible until now...I'm glad you survived the ...more

Lloyd Dobler vs. Don Draper

I finally started watching Mad Men this week. For years, I have listened to my friends tell me it’s the best show ever and swoon over Don Draper. It is a great show, but as I was watching it, I suddenly realized: Don Draper is THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. And they are both the EXACT SAME CHARACTER as Mr. Big from Sex and the City....more

Why "Brave" Is a Must-See Movie for Moms

A lot of people are talking about how important Brave is because it shows girls a new kind of “princess” -- Merida is a strong Princess who can take care of herself and wants more out of life than just getting married to a prince. I agree that this is a great movie for girls -- since seeing the movie, my four-year-old has stopped running around the house in a princess dress and pretending to marry a prince and now she is running around with her (play) bow and arrow and growling like a bear. However, I think it’s important to say that this is also a great movie for moms -- especially moms of daughters....more
I love your take on the movie - haven't seen it yet, but definitely will. I agree that the mom ...more

Sending My Kids to a Daycare That Doesn't Show Dracula

The teachers were all young and had long hair. One worked part-time as a nude model for artists. One had only a stub for an index finger -- he told us that he cut it off with a knife so that he wouldn’t have to go to Vietnam. I used to imagine him holding the knife and wondered how he was able to do it. The place was dark and filthy. There were no rules, just a misguided idea that the children should be responsible for everything from naming the school to working out violent fights. It was a lot like Lord of the Flies, but with preschoolers....more
I am nearly certain we are sisters whom our parents never let meet.  My mom had life-size ...more

Red Hot Mamas

Have you seen the YouTube video of the unresponsive old man in the nursing home who listens to some music from his time and then suddenly becomes vibrant and alive? It has been going around Facebook all week, but if you haven’t seen it, you really need to watch it here....more
 @SarahKnight I am waiting for my husband to surprise me with tickets! I want to say September :) more