best and worst dressed: olympics edition

Like many, I was enthralled with the Olympics opening ceremony last night. One of my favorite parts is the Parade of Nations. Seeing all of the nations (and outfits!) is a highlight for me.I wasn't disappointed this year. There were some definite winners and some duds. Ready to hear my thoughts? :)Best DressedBrazil. Seriously. Love the color combo and the preppy look....more

Are you Ready for these Jellies?

I don't think you're ready for these jellies.Or are you?...more
My 5 yr old looks amazing in them. A 15 yr old would too. But the 'official' Jelly cut-off ...more

how to be stylish on a low budget part 2

It was only quite recently that I discovered I'd never continued a post series I started about shopping with a budget....more

unique wedding ideas

I've always been quasi-obsessed with weddings. I've had a wedding "notebook" since I was little documenting all of my ideas and thoughts about my big day.Since I discovered Pinterest, my little notebook has turned into a little wedding pin board. My, my, how technology has changed.Since I derive lots of my weddingspiration from other people's ideas, I thought those of you with a date looming might get inspired by some of my favorite ideas. Here are some of my favorite wedding-themed pins from Pinterest....more

how to be stylish on a budget

how to: be stylish on a (low) budge part 1 Ladies and Gentlemen, with gas prices being...well, basically redonkulous and the economy in a funk, most of us have to stick to a budget when it comes to shopping, right? Unless you're a trust fund child or invented Super Soakers or something, you probably can't go all out when you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe. ...more

the perfect dress for your body type

Dress season is almost upon us and we must be diligent about shopping for styles that jive with how the good Lord made us.I've wanted to do this post for some time now. I recently became acquainted with the Eloquii line of clothing by The Limited. I really love some of the pieces and their concept behind wearing clothes for your body type....more

How to Wear: Navy Pants

Hey everyone!! It's Fashion Week on A Little of This and That and this week of fashion posts and advice starts with a good ol' "How To". A friend of mine posed a question for me on Facebook, "How do you wear navy pants?" Basically, she's treating navy like it is a color and not a neutral. But navy is a neutral. It can be worn with other neutrals just fine but it can also be worn with COLOR...which is my favorite. Here are some examples:...more
@BlogHerStyle Ooooooh 1st option and fourth option is all me!more

Spring/Summer Trend: Maxi Skirt

It seems as if the maxi skirt is going to be really big again this spring/summer. I even got myself a cute one from Old Navy recently. Maxi skirts are very versatile and can be worn with a blousy shirt, a fitted jacket an much more. Here are 5 maxi skirt looks to get your creative juices flowing for your spring wardrobe. ...more

A [Bad] Fad and a Cool Trend

Today's post highlights a legitimate trend and a bad fad. The fad was brought to my attention by a coworker (who happens to be male!!) and I decided to issue a public service announcement regarding the bad fad via my own personal blogosphere. But who wants to read a blog post that's just about something negative? Not me. So, I'm also going to spotlight a super-cute (and WAY better for your feet) trend for the spring/summer....more

Curvy Lady Jean Tips

Like every other woman in America, I have problems finding jeans that fit well and look good. Over the years I have collected some tips for finding jeans that fit and flatter. Today, I will share them with y'all. I'm focusing specifically today on jeans that flatter the curvy lay-days. ;)...more
I am sort of pear-shaped, so my bottom is larger than my top. Personally, my best fitting jeans ...more