Holy Week

As we make our way through the holiest week in the Christian calendar, I am struck by the amount of hate being spewed toward others in the name of the Christian faith. ...more

Dear Indiana:

A Quick Note

It seems Facebook has changed some of its programming yet again.  Numerous pages have had their "Likes" dropped from inactivity.  I, unfortunately, have also fallen victim to the new programming.If you haven't done so yet, please head over to Jerri's Empty Nest on Facebook and give it a "Like" when you have a chance. ...more

Free Relief

Stress relief does not have to be costly.  As a matter of fact, the best methods are free!  Here is a short list to get you started:1.  Call a friend.  Remember, when venting, let it out and let it go.2.  Take a walk.  The exercise will release endorphins which will immediately make you feel better.3.  Do your nails.  Pick a color that makes you happy.4.  Have a sweet treat.  Don't overdo the calories, just enough to put a smile on your face....more


Another way to relieve stress is to pamper yourself.  This doesn't have to be an expensive trip to the spa.  It can be as simple as setting aside some time to do something you love.   Pampering yourself is not selfish.  Women are frequently taught by society and the way they were raised that such actions are self-indulgent.  Indulgent they are, but they are also necessary to release tension and stress. Pampering allows you to slow down.  Life moves so incredibly fast....more


The first way to relieve stress I am going to touch on is venting.  Here is where your girlfriends are invaluable!   Let me be clear.  Venting is not the same as complaining or bitching.  Venting is the process of getting the stress out of your system.  Once it is out, the process stops.  To continually linger on the source of your stress only continues the stress....more

Breaking Up

 Yes, please!  Stress seems to taking over my life lately!  This is one break-up I would sincerely welcome. ...more


I am blessed to have incredible women as friends.  Whether the loss of a spouse, the loss of a child, cancer survivor, or survivor of physical and/or emotional abuse; these are some of the strongest, most loving women in the world. It would be easy for me to be envious.  But that is not what I feel.  I admire them, I strive to be more like them, and I love them.  Having them in my life only makes me a better person.   This is what I wish I could get young women to comprehend....more

Women vs. Women

Some of the nastiest comments I see online are from young women directed at other women.  Why? Have we created such a competitive society that our young adults believe that part of succeeding must consist of tearing someone else down? From fat shaming to calling other women "THOT", there seems no end to the vitriole that young women are spewing.  If there is one thing I could impart to that is that supoorting each other makes you stronger.  Attacking another woman only hurts all women....more

Straight to the Heart

Last week was my birthday.  My youngest posted the following status on Facebook, making me the proudest mom ever! Today is my mom's birthday. This woman is the epitome of not giving up. She has gone through a lot this past year yet she still graduated college, got a job at a law firm, and is just awesome all around. She is my motivation to keep pushing no matter what youre going through....more