Bad to the Bone

Bad habits...some are worse than others, but everyone has at least one thing they wish to improve. For me, one of my biggest is disorganization! For Valentine's Day, I received a Starbucks gift card.  I was right on top of it and transferred the gift card to my Starbucks card.  I went on the website, found a gift set I wanted to order and loaded it into my cart.  I was so organized and with it!!  As I went to check out, I realized that I had to enter the number from my Starbucks card....more

Good Habits

Good habits are just as difficult to stick to as bad habits are to break.  Previously, I have written about my Happiness Jar.  Every day, I write something good or happy about that day.  Simple concept, right? Even though the jar takes only a few seconds out of my day, I have still experienced those times where I am playing catch-up and writing more than one day.  Why?  Like any other habit, it takes time to become one.   One difficulty is my attention deficit disorder....more

Hard Habit to Break

What if the bad habit you are trying to break is actually a person?  Like the song says, sometimes an actual person can be "a hard habit to break."   We all have or have had people in our lives who drag us down, bring drama in, or are just generally bad for us.  Yet something keeps us from breaking that bad habit. Love is probably the the most common factor holding someone in such a situation.  For me, personally, I tend to believe that everyone has good in their core....more


Habits...we all have them whether they be bad or good.  Friday evening, I went out to dinner at a restaurant I have frequently visited.  I did not take the time to review the menu as I already knew my favorite dinner dish.  That was when I was labeled a "creature of habit." Is that necessarily a bad thing?  I do not believe so.  I see myself more as someone who knows exactly what she likes to eat at that particular restaurant....more


You have an expectation of how a certain situation should be and you have put in the necessary work. Through no fault of your own or factors beyond your control, your expectation does not attain realization.  Now what? There will be times when "It is what it is." is the only answer.  Acceptance is definitely not easy. There are times, however, when there is no other option.  We may have an expectation that was unrealistic from the beginning, or there may have been an extreme change in circumstances that rendered it unattainable....more
I believe there is a time to cut your losses and move on, but I have a hard time with saying "it ...more

Time Flies

"Time is swift, it races by; Opportunities are born and die...Still you wait and will not try--A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly."     A.A. Milne (Creator of Winnie the Pooh) Monday, I spoke of expectations and how effort must accompany them.  Let's take a moment to talk about time.   You can have every expectation in the world.  You can expect for your income to increase, to travel, to find love.  All of these expectations have a reasonable chance of attainment.  The biggest constraint?...more


"It is what it is."  How often have you said it?  I know I do on a regular basis.  But is it true?...more

A Frugal Friday Update

At the beginning of the year (can you believe we are already in February???), I had posted about a free/low-cost way to appreciate the little things in life.  It was called the Happiness Jar....more
I've often thought I should do a happiness jar/gratitude journal thing but I've never been able ...more

Virus Scans

We all run virus scans on our electronics on a regular basis.  Have you thought of running such a scan on your life? Allow me to elaborate.  Are there people, situations, or things in your life that interfere with your daily living?  Are there those things that slow you down, cause problems, or derail what you are trying to accomplish?  Is that not the definition of a virus? Take a look at your life....more

Just Say No

One of the hardest boundaries to set is that which includes the word "NO!".  Why is that two-letter tiny word so hard to say and so hard to live by?...more