Does No One Remember?

The news has been filled lately with certain candidates calling for a registry of all Muslims and even for American Muslims to be required to wear ID badges.  Does this not ring a bell with anyone? Really?   While I give these candidates full credit for the passion of their rhetoric, they get zero points for originality....more

The Thursday 10

This week's Thursday 10 is a virtual assignment.  It may be a bit difficult, but you can do it!!...more

Why My Conscience Will Not Vote Republican

I rarely share my political opinions in a public forum.  This issue, however, affects my granddaughters and deserves public comment.In this country, white women earn, on average, 78 cents to every dollar a man earns.  For black women, it is 68 cents and for Latina women, it drops all the way to 54 cents to the dollar. Republicans have blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act four times.  Four times, the Republican party has said, by their votes, that women are unequal to men and do not deserve to be paid the same....more

Pride and Frugality

When beginning to write today's post, I waffled on the title between "Pride" and "Vanity."  I am still not convince that vanity is not a more appropriate title but what I am trying to describe contains elements of both. I am frequently asked for frugal tips and advice.  I offer aid whenever I can but I frequently find that those who ask are not ready or willing to give up those things that feed their vanity. $100 hair appointments are difficult to justify when you haven't bought groceries or put gas in your car for the week....more

Sacrifice and Frugality

It is a common misperception that living a frugal lifestyle involves painful sacrifice.  While the sacrifices made initially may be painful, once frugality becomes a habit, the pain subsides altogether.  Probably the biggest sacrifice you will have to make is giving up the word "want."  In truth, most of the things we believe we need are nothing but wants.   Consider something as simple as lunch....more

Living Frugally

This week, I am going to touch on various aspects of frugal living.  I am also going to discuss some behaviors I have observed, especially from those who talk the talk, but do not necessarily walk the walk. My frugal lifestyle began early as I was raised that way.  My father was a government employee, and in the sixties and seventies, that was barely a middle-class income.  Frugality was a way of life for me then and I am voluntarily returning to that lifestyle now. Allow me to explain the "voluntarily" part....more

The Thursday 10

This week's Thursday 10 is more like 50!!  I did a major purge on my bookcase and came up with multiple bags of books.  The used bookstore near my house only takes 10 per week which means I will be making a trip every weekend for about the next month!  Luckily, I had 10 signed books so those went on consignment in addition to the 10 I traded in for store credit. Now that the bookcase has been slimmed down, I plan on covering the back board with fabric and re-attaching it....more


Building on yesterday's post, let's talk a bit about self-esteem.  In the last generation, a belief has been built that self-esteem is something that can be bestowed upon a child.  Again, when did we forget? When did we forget that self-esteem is built by accomplishment?  When did we begin to believe that empty praise builds self-esteem? Recently there was a news story about NFL player James Harrison returning his children's participation trophies.  He believes that a trophy should be earned.  Good for him!...more

When Did We Forget?

Watch any reality show or read any pop news article, and you hear an enormous amount of blather regarding "respect" and "disrespect."   When did we forget that respect is earned...not given?  Respect is earned by words followed by action.  Talking about someone is not's gossip.  If someone does not acknowledge your presence, it's not's rude.  What is so often mistaken for respect is actually civility.   Civility is polite actions and words....more

Because I Can

This past weekend, I participated in the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  I was extremely fortunate and exceeded my fundraising goal!! ...more