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Fantasy Unfulfilled

RIO 2 movie Review /Interview is up on Tinsel & Tine


A Chat with Funny Man - Marlon Wayans - A Haunted House 2

Guest Blogger on Tinsel & Tine -...more

My Blog Commentary on the movie "Divergent" is Up!

T&T Synopsis:  Like most stories set in the not too distant future, the aftermath of a terrible war precipitated the need to form a new society (and who knows with the whole Putin/Crimea annexed thing, this future may not be too far off). This new society living behind a wall, which we know not what lay on the other side, decided it best to divide people up into 5 categories or Factions: ...more

Can't Wait - First Time Covering Tribeca Film Fest

Super excited! I'm 99.9% sure to receive a press pass to the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. I'll be covering it from Opening Night: Wednesday, April 16 thru Sunday April 20th.  Here's an early look at Spotlight, Midnight, Storyscapes Screenings...more