“Would a Rainbeau Accept My Special Needs Child?”

Dylan A recent post on my Facebook community page sparked the question:...more

QOTW: Interracial Relationships and the “N-Word”

Got this note about a month ago. Yes; that’s how far backed up I am. Good Evening Christelyn! ...more

Matthew Hussey’s “Unconventional” 9 Steps on How to Get the Guy You Want

Matthew Hussey, relationship coach and best-selling author of the “Get the Guy” recently did a video he says is a can help you get the guy you want in nine steps. Some of the advice is a bit…unconventional, like skipping a shower and showing up in your pajamas if that’s what you feel most comfortable doing. Some others: Make a man “work” for your attention Never approach the guy, but sneak your number in his pocket Some advice about texting Take a gander and see if you might be able to integrate any of these tips into your everyday dating life ....more

A Heartfelt Letter from a White Guy, Wondering How He Can Approach Black Women. Have At It, Ladies.

I don’t know if you guys realize how much of an impact this site has, and how many notes I get like this on a weekly basis. Men you thought would never take you seriously, would never love or marry you, would never take you out in public, and all the other LIES being told to keep you harnessed and afraid are reaching out in DROVES to tell you otherwise. This is just another letter to prove it ....more

Take a Look at This EBONY News Release and Tell Me What’s Wrong.

I got the following news release from the public relations reps over at EBONY magazine. In the May issue of EBONY magazine, the publication partnered with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) to release the State of the Black Family Survey....more

You Asked, We Delivered: Meet Zach, Our Newest Rainbeau Blogger!

Zac is a Facebook friend of mine, quite smart, quite cute, and has a lot of deep thoughts. He hails from Chicago. Hit him up on Facebook here ....more

WHEW! Halle Berry Calls Her Hubby “Delicious.” Guess They’re Still a Thing!

Hey you Halle Berry fans, your worries might be over. Looks like Halle Berry is loving on her husband, Oliver Martinez, and calls him “delicious.” Here, see for yourself… While I’m still holding my breath on whether or not this union will last, I’m glad that things seems to be going well–for the sake of the kids. Lord knows we have enough crazy and neurotic celebrity offspring already ....more

How Bleaching Products Promoted Colorism in the 1950′s

I saw this on “SwirlQueen’s” Facebook feed, published in the 1952 issue of Jet magazine. You know, that magazine that’s supposed to celebrate black people?? ...more

Jennette McCurdy Messed with the Wrong Dude; Hit Show Gets Cancelled After Andre Drummond (Allegedly) Leaks Racy Photos

There’s a lesson in here somewhere, I’m sure of it. Jennette McCurdy, co-star of the hit Nick show, Sam and Cat, got a rude awakening after she messed with the wrong baller by publicly criticizing his (lack of) sexual prowess. After McCurdy publicly shamed Drummond’s kissing skills and lack of romantic game, a racy photo of her magically appeared and was distributed across the internet ....more

The Picture That Changed My Life

I posted the photograph below on my Facebook page last week....more