Cathy Steinberg

Self Destruct... Yeah, There's an App for That!

There is a relatively new app called SnapChat we need to talk about.  SnapChat is an app that allows the user to take pictures and send them to others for a few seconds before it “self destructs” and deletes. ...more
@JennaHatfield  I saw the advisory when I capped the shot.  I then thought, wow, had I sent a ...more

Rihanna.. Can we talk?

 InstagramDear Rihanna,...more

Great News! One Child Rapist is now off the streets!

 Brian Denby – child rapist...more

Are abused girls really safer "in the system"?

Our mission at Kids In Distress (KID) is to prevent child abuse, preserve the family, and treat children who have been abused and neglected....more

Help Stop Violence Against Women - It's not OK

Violence has to stop!  More importantly, the violence against girls and women MUST stop....more

Prevent someone from stealing your refund!

Come read my handy tips to preventing someone from stealing your tax return I posted on blogher  ...more

Here's to the brave women who fight back

   According to the FBI, 1 in 4 women will be the victim of a crime in her lifetime.  This startling statistic isn't easy to digest.  Most of us would rather think it won't happen to us.  The reality is we could all very well be a victim.  I will be posting a series of stories, personal safety tips, and self-defense strategies to help you know what to do when it matters most!   A Central Michigan University Student is lucky to be alive today. Last Weds....more