Discussions that make me thankful for open adoption.

Georgia is three and a half.  When she was born, I don't know.....yesterday?, we couldn't think of our adoption looking any other way than open (mind you I said, when she was born--it took a bit to get there).  And we still feel that way.  And if you've been reading here for awhile you know my thoughts inside and out on the topic. ...more
I wanted to like your post. I did. But I shut down when you called me, a birth mother in an open ...more

Do we really "need to relax?"

When someone makes a racist joke and people get upset about it do we respond with, "Sheesh--just relax--it's a joke.  The intent wasn't to insult."And when someone makes a crack at a certain ethnicity's expense and people jump to let that person know the joke was inappropriate would anyone (really) respond with, "It was a joke.  Everyone knows they didn't really mean it.  Relax."...more
Thank you so much for your comment Jenna--just confirms all around how damaging jokes about ...more

Adoptive Moms Wish

Adoptive Moms Wish......... the same things as biological moms. That our kids would be healthy and well adjusted. That our kids would be hard-working, responsible, and kind members of society. That our kids would be themselves and be comfortable doing that. And that our kids would be honest, sincere, loyal, and generous.I'm sure there are a bunch more admirable adjectives I could throw out here but you get the gist....more

Public Enemy #1

So, I don't write a lot about infertility or my experience with it.  No particular reason really, it's just not a part of my life now, and hasn't been for over four years....more