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Read Only

I think I am just going to spend all of 2015 reading. I am doing this challenge from PopSugar: Of course, I intend to cheat. I just don't have the drive to read 52 books in a year, mostly because I read really slowly and the whole reading-induced narcolepsy ....more

The Real Reason Cats Knock Cups Over

I am sure you have all seen the hilarious sign that reads: "Please don't leave drinks unattended [the cat's an asshole]!" What if the cat isn't the asshole? ...more

Cheeseblarg's Guide to Guilt-Free Holidays

I'm very helpful, I know you all will agree, so this holiday season, I've brought you 7 surefire ways to avoid the guilt that tends to plague us around this time of the year. Having a happy holiday, whatever you might celebrate, is a great way to start a new year, so without further ado, 7 guilt-free holiday tips, right this way! -One- Don't feel guilty about eating food ....more

No Snuggles for You!

Stevie WILL NOT cuddle with me like a snuggly kitty... unless I have been asleep for several hours. Then he wants to lay up against my face/chest and nuzzle, but just until I wake up completely and think, "Aw, he's snuggling," then he gets up and leaves.So, in short, I think my cat might be a snuggling version of a necrophiliac ....more

A Tale of IC

So, awhile ago, I wrote about my jerk faced bladder. After all kinds of horrific bladder-related tests, including the one where they put me under general anesthetic to fill up my bladder like a big festive balloon until it cracked, I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis.Interstitial Cystitis or IC, is basically punishment from Satan in the form of the feelings of a UTI (urinary tract infection) because your bladder lining is faulty, with none of the therapeutic possibilities of things like antibiotics or cranberry juice. ...more


In my mind, the names of these items are completely interchangeable:...more

Don't Be That Atheist.

Do you have that one friend? The one who, no matter what you say, absolutely has to correct you based on his or her belief? I think you know the type ....more

Clown Fish Sandwich

Is there any kind of Tuna that is not a fish that is getting confused with Tuna fish out there? ...more

Only You Can Start Forest Fires!

I saw a commercial the other night that was THE worst ad concept I have ever seen in my entire life.Apparently there is a new Planes movie coming out. You know, the spin-off of Cars, the movie that every child 10 and under was batshit crazy about? It is about fire rescue vehicles ....more

Google Image Upgrade: Medical SafeSearch

I recently went to the doctor because I had to go off of my medications that quiet all of my crazy autoimmune diseases and I acquired a weird sore on my thumb that caused a volcano like hole that was fairly concerning to me.He told me that if it got worse, I was to come back immediately, so of course, I went home and google imaged my diagnosis to see what "worse" would look like and then I immediately wanted to stab my eyes out with forks.I appreciate that Google image has been proactive in filtering sexual content with their SafeSearch, which blocks out hardcore images (not that I ever use it, VIVA LA BOOBIES!), but what we really need is a search filter for medical images.Without fail, every time you do a Google Image Search on a medical issue, there is one mild image showing what a normal case of the disease looks like it, and EVERY OTHER IMAGE is like a 20 inch hole with gore and carnage exploding out of it. Serious, no matter what it is. Hangnail? ...more