A New Anthology: All The Lovely Creatures is out Now

All The Lovely Creatures, was published yesterday, 10/11/12, by B.C. Sirrom and edited by authors from the GoodReads group, Paranormal and Horror Lovers. Obeah Love Affair, my short story, is included.What is a vampire to do when her family is threatened just to get to her?...more

My Time at BlogHer12

I was invited to volunteer at BlogHer 2012 this summer. BlogHer 12 was held at the Hilton by Rockefeller Plaza. It is a beautiful hotel. I can't really say about the rooms. I had put in my requests to volunteer the minute they were announced, but I wasn't chosen. At last minute they needed volunteers, so I got to go.  I was given a full conference pass for my time. Yay for me. I was able to enjoy the conference for a little bit. I didn't get to do much but volunteer and see the exhibitors. I was only able to listen to the panels that I worked. ...more

Days After Wedding Bliss

I'm finally a Mrs! JH and I finally got married on Sat June 16th. It was a magical moment. I still can't believe I'm married. I'm looking at my left hand in awe. Seriously! I said I was going to blog when I get back from my honeymoon, but I just can't wait. ...more

Assumptions Can Be Great Tools

I'm in a subway car with the following:2 black men in suits1 black man dressed thuggishly (oversized pants hangin past his ass, hoodie, holding a hip hop magazine)1 black man wearing sweats1 black man in a best buy uniform1 black man in slacks and a hoodie (slacks are on properly) Where do I sit? Next to the thuggish looking one. He got annoyed that I sat next to him, forcing him to close his legs (as if he's carrying gold bullion down there). ...more

The Ultimate Avengers

This originally posted my site. So JH, my bro, his girlfriend and I went to the Ultimate Marvel movie marathon. This marathon consisted of us sitting thru the following:Iron ManThe Incredible HulkIron Man 2Thor (3D)Captain America (3D)The Avengers (3D) - Midnight Premier...more

Wedding Plans - Part 5

I held off on blogging my plans for a while because I had a planning trip coming up. Well my trip has come and gone, so now I have ample amount of stuff to discuss. The trip was over President's weekend. I didn't realize that when I booked my flight in December. No wonder airfare was ridiculous to find. We had to fly Delta, not fun or comfortable. At least they have leather seats. On with planning.......1. Ceremony...more

Wedding Planning - Part 4

Wedding Planning is now in full swing now that the New Year has begun. So from now on, when posting about the planning, I am going to add to a permanent list. You'll see what I mean as follows. I will also take my first wedding related trip to LV in February. Can't wait!!! 1.  Ceremony...more

Wedding Planning - Part 3

Next chapter of wedding planning: the meeting of the moms. This weekend my mother (MC) met my mother in law to be (PH). I've been nervous about this for a while. Especially knowing that my father has met them already. I was hoping and praying she doesn't find out on this trip. I have my mother at home until the 1st of December. Way too long to be harassed. This weekend was all about finding my wedding gown....more

Wedding Planning - Part 2

Wedding plans are moving along. I don't know if it's moving along gracefully. We picked our date: June 16, 2012. We had picked a venue previously, Bellagio, but has since changed.  Wedding dress will take place in November when my mom is here. Venue:So we had originally chose Bellagio as the venue for a wedding. We both love that hotel. We chose a package to our liking and pockets. It would cost us $9,000.00 for the package....more

Wedding Planning - Part 1

People say that the planning of a wedding is hard; finding the place, sending invites, etc. I am just beginning to plan my wedding and planning is not what's stressing me. The planning is going well so far. I'm dreading the gown purchasing. The planning for me isn't a beast because we are doing a "destination" wedding. The place we decide upon will already have packages the are already preset. I just add my touches to the packages; colors and some tweaks here and there. Simple. ...more