Excellent homemade latte tutorial!

For me, a trip to Starbucks is a treat and a half.  However, when I must leave the house AND pay $5, it doesn't feel like such a treat.  Sometimes I really enjoy coffee in my living room and not having to warm up the car or put on my boots....more
@SHembree It's delish! I've been successful in the dozen or so times I've made it this way, so ...more

Top 5 2012 resolutions everyone should adopt

On the cusp of a wonderful church service this morning, I combine my personal revelations from 2011 with Pastor Bill's words of wisdom this morning and bring you my resolution list for the New Year, as well as boldly suggest you consider adopting this list for your new year....more

Convertible Knit Cowl

About two years ago I cast on to knit a leaf patterned shawl. This one, to be exact...more

A pretty little cowl

Late one Christmas Eve, a sweet little knitter named Kristin had the idea to knit her heart out in hopes to complete an addition to a gift.  Aunt Jenny's bag was already packed but she wanted to add something more; a scarf or cowl or something like that.  She grabbed some Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed, DK weight, and used a pair of size 6 circs to cast on 35 stitches at 10:00pm.Since she is obsessed with the tubular cast on, that is the one she chose.  This took a minute, but was well worth it for the end result....more

Happy Blogiversary to Moi!

Today marks one year since I first posted on this little project called a blog.  Since then, I've thrown open a window to my world that doesn't look like it'll be shutting anytime soon.  Thanks to you, the one reading this, and many others that have given endless tips, priceless advice and links to HTML/CSS know-how, EchoCafe has not only become my outlet, but my platform upon which to stack my dreams.Some stats~...more

Best Pancake Recipe

Though I love my berry-speckled, flax-filled, whole-grain-and-then-some pancakes, sometimes you just gotta make fresh pancakes with regular milk and white flour.  That's where this recipe comes in handy.Start with two bowls.In the first bowl:2 Eggs2 Cups milk ( I use whatever milk we have; soy, almond, condensed etc..)4 tbsp oil ( I use butter.. shocker)4 tbsp sugarsplash vanilla...more
When you get a chance, look up my Brown-Sugar Sourdough pancake recipe. I created it, and my ...more

Reverse Advent Calendar: Building a tradition, one day at a time. Day 5

Today's piece of the story centers around Joseph's dream, and the angel's telling of what Mary's child will do for mankind....more

Reverse Advent Calendar: Building a tradition, one day at a time. Day 4

The piece of the story I created today was in regards to Mary's praise to God after learning of her pregnancy.  I took my time copying the lyrics of the song that Mary sang when she visited Elizabeth to tell her and found myself feeling my own little bits of conviction....more

Reverse Advent Calendar: Building a tradition, one day at a time

As is tradition on Saturdays, we are busy 'til the very end.  Hence, the reason my post is coming to you after 9:00pm....more

Advent Calendar Construction: Building a Christmas tradition

Day 2 flew by as I have officially mastered the box.  However, knowing myself as well as I do, I'll probably change my mind in a week when I find something that looks like it will suit the Cho House a bit better. Until then, here's what happened today....more