Kat Burb

Pretty Pink Barbie Bridal Shower

In case you can’t tell yet, my little sister’s name is Barbie. She is named after my grandmother and has fully embraced the name. Some people say, “What were your parents thinking?!” but really, she loves her name and takes full advantage of the paraphernalia with her name. The closest things out there to Kat are cats themselves. I hate cats. ...more

An American Hen Night (Bachelorette Party)

While I was discussing bachelorette party plans with my sister’s bridesmaids, the British counterparts were not familiar with a bachelorette party. ...more

Beazer Homes - Designed to be your dream home but built to fall apart!

I feel like a jerk for telling you my woes on a day when there was so much rain and a few people have lost their homes but I must tell you what I’m going through right now.Let’s talk about the slogan on the Beazer Homes Website: Desi ...more

One Week + Two Houseboats + 17 people = AH - MAZING!

Click here for a look at my links to my photos, comprehensive packing list, personal packing list & menu plan. ...more

My husband wants to try this, but we had no idea where we could rent a houseboat in the middle ...more

Blogher 2009 - The Ultimate Petting Zoo

This week I spent some time at a fabulous petting zoo of sorts – I met almost every single one of my favorite bloggers. I pet their perfectly magnificent hair, I touched the lovely silk on their dress sleeves, I shook their perfectly moisturized hands, and I grasped their shoulders in an authentic hug. It was like being at a wild animal park where bloggers can run free in their natural habitat and then some are set aside behind bars where you can walk up and look at them and point and ...more

5 Years & A Handful of Hours - Krispy Kreme Wedding Cake

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. In dog years, that’s 35 years and in Hollywood, that’s like 50 years! ...more

Holy Freakin' Crap, I Got In!

I cried three times today. ...more

Indiana Puppy Needs a Good Home

My friend Sara is looking for a good home for this CUTE AND CUDDLY PUPPY!!! ...more

Divorce Cakes and Parties?

This weekend has been chock full of parties and graduation open houses. I’ve enjoyed each one that we’ve attended and they’ve all been so different except for the whole hot dog and hamburger thing.Last night we attended a party at the home of one of Jay’s high school friends. They had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! ...more

Oh me. Oh my. Oh mama. Link ...more

How to Keep a Mommy Friend When You Aren't a Mommy

I don’t have young children. I don’t have children at all but my friends do. I think I’m a pretty good friend; I go to the mall and sit in the play area for hours just to get to talk to my friends, I tolerate crying, screaming children in my company as we shop for clothes, groceries, etc. ...more