Just Give Newark Teachers A Raise

I fully support all 3,300 Newark school teachers and all teachers in America. They have one of the most important jobs in the country teaching the 37,000 school children in Newark (from NJ.com). I however disagree with the merit pay passed yesterday based on student performance....more

Goodie Bags and Other Green Parenting Dilemmas

This week my kids collected quite a haul of plastic 'stuff' and lived a very non-ecofriendly life with their friends and it challenged me as parent. When my daughter started to cry wanting to drink out of the toxic water bottle she got from the gymnastics studio we went to for trial class it hit me... I have to deal with not being like everyone else....more
Not to freak you out or anything, it is just the tip of the iceberg. I find that as my kids get ...more

Do You Have Trouble Proofreading Your Own Blog?

My trade off, which as I get older, I find just as upsetting as my kindergarten teachers ridicule is the fact I struggle a great deal with proofreading. I have trained my brain to "see" what my eyes do not see. Somewhere, unconsciously, I have trained myself to compensate for what my eyes do not see properly and my brain interprets correctly for me. As a blogger the difficultly of proofreading is an incredible challenge. None more evident than when I handed out my business card for my blog and found out there was minor typo on it! ...more
I do think it is harder to proofread our own work, than that of others.  I wonder if it is ...more

A Day Too Soon

As part of a wonderful blog hop of prompts I answered the question yesterday: If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change?   My orginal post unedited is below, when I woke up this morning with news of largest shooting in US history I thought about how important what I wrote is and I really hope my kids follow my advice.    ...more
Agh! My bestest new friend from BlogHer '12! I SO appreciate you Tweeting and coming to visit. ...more

Am I Getting Old?

This week I am going through something many Mom's go through but it is making me feel "old" for the first time... I stopped nursing. I am not a Mom who loved nursing. For 10 months it kept me up late at night and got me up early in the morning. It did not matter whether I was with my child or his horrible replacement The Pump, I was constantly thinking about it...is he hungry, am I uncomfortable?...more
So Sweet! And what a lovely photo. Yes! I still feel pangs and think...gee whiz! I'll never have ...more