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“Nobody Should Ever Feel Like They’re a Mistake”

Elijah Thomas, who just turned 24, was determined to find his birth father. In a sort of reverse Gotcha,...more

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Who Knows?

With St Patrick’s Day upon us, I know this weekend is about all things Irish, but I want to share a Chinese proverb. Once there was a poor farmer. He was able to grow just enough to feed his family ....more

Dear Abby, We Need to Talk About Gotcha!

Gayle Swift here, guesting in Lori’s space. She wasn’t ready to take on another adoption expert so soon after the last one, but seeing as how I have strong feelings about Gotcha, as well as ideas on a more attuned approach, I am happy to step in with my own advice. Dear Abby: Three Reasons … Continue reading Dear Abby, We Need to Talk About Gotcha! ...more

Parenting Expert John Rosemond Wants to Give Open Adoption Advice

But there are a few problems with that. First of all, he has no direct experience with open adoption, or even plain old adoption, as far as my sleuthing skills reveal. Second of all, his advice is terrible ....more

Brace Face

Through their orthodontic treatments, I watched as my kids’ smiles got gorgeouser and gorgouser. And I got jealouser and jealouser. So then I got braces ....more

How Apt are You to Use this Adoption App?

Maybe you’ve already heard about it. People involved in adoption are buzzing about it. It’s a new app called Adoptly, billed as “a better way to adopt.” It’s already been dubbed The Tinder of Adoption, and, as you can imagine, that has not gone over well in online adoption communities (at least not in the … Continue reading How Apt are You to Use this Adoption App? ...more

Reforming Adoption at Your Level

Imagine a glorious time in the future when all desired adoption laws are passed and all adoption arrangements are codified. Won’t it be great to be finished with the hard work of adoption reform? While changes in adoption laws and policy are necessary, these alone will not make Adoption World all better ....more

Adoption on Screen: “This is Us” and “Lion” Give New Focus

My daughter told us the other night of a time in middle school when she shared with...more

When Do My Children Talk to Me?

When do my teenagers start deep conversations with me? Conversations about their hopes and dreams, possible love interests, and behind-the-scenes social goings on I’m not often privy to?Let’s look at the possibilities.Is it over breakfast when we lovingly prepare to send each other out into our days?Nope. In the mornings we are fighting over hot … Continue reading When Do My Children Talk to Me? ...more

#flipthescript 15: No Easy Button in Adoption

Tracy Hammond is a baby scoop era adoptee and adoptee rights activist. This is her second post here in this #flipthescript series...more