I Will Keep Using the Word Beautiful

Today I told a woman she is beautiful.  Then I read an article, one of many that have been popping up online lately, about how horrible the word “beautiful” is.  Apparently we aren’t supposed to tell women or young girls they are beautiful anymore because “beautiful” puts too much emphasis on outer beauty and we, as sophisticated feminist women, aren’t supposed to care about physical beauty or the beauty standards of society....more
Wow. I really connected with your post. My girls are 3 years and 4 months and they hear a ...more

Cover Reveal: EXTRACTED by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley

I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers chosen to take part in the cover reveal for the new YA Novel Extracted: Lost Imperials Book One by Sherry D. Ficklin and Tyler H. Jolley.This is an amazing cover for an amazing book.  Yes, I do know it is amazing because I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for much of the early chapters. I have to tell you though, 11-12-13 can't get here fast enough for me!  I can't wait to have this book in my hands and read the final version.   Take it from me, this is going to be one epic book series!...more

Aiming for the top 100

This blog post is a bit self-serving, I will admit that right out of the gate, but it's not spam.  While I do have a purpose, the main purpose is to tell my story....more

Print Books or Ebooks? It doesn't matter!

Book lovers are usually the smartest people you will meet.  But this constant bickering about how superior print books are to ebooks can only be described as STUPID.  I wouldn't even use the term ignorant, because that implies they just really don't know the difference.  How can someone who reads so much not know that the story is the same no matter what way it is delivered to them?...more

Skinny or Fat, Size-ism is Wrong!

I started out as an advocate for "Curvalicious" women and fat girls, but I quickly came to realize that size-ism works both ways.  You see, I have no problem with the word fat, it is just a word, just a size, as is skinny.  But, when used in a negative way both words can hurt a person to their core....more

What Is a Fair Price for an E-Book?

There is much debate on what is a good price for ebooks. Many people think they are getting ripped off if they pay more than $1.99 for an ebook and really prefer to pay $0.99 or less.  The argument is generally, “It takes no money to produce an ebook so I should get it cheap, or free.”...more
BELIEN_LOEFFLER I can't wholly agree with the DRM Free aspect.  That sounds good and fair in ...more

Closing a door…keeping all of the windows open

As you may be aware, the magazine I launched in August, Curvalicious Living Magazine closed it’s doors yesterday.  The reasons are multiple and I won’t get into all of them here.  The main, overriding reason, is time.  I don’t have the time to run a magazine right now.  A magazine takes so much more than just writing, and I found that in trying to do the running of it, I wasn’t doing any writing.  A magazine comes with the obligation and commitment to get issues out regularly and have articles posted daily.  It just hasn’t happened....more
@curvywriter Then may I wish you Happy Writing, DJ!more

[VIDEO] One For The Money Trailer: Who's Plum Excited for Stephanie Plum!?

So, are you a Janet Evanovich fan?  If yes, then you are most likely a Stephanie Plum fan.  So, next question...have you been sitting on pins and needles waiting for One for the Money to come out?  Have you seen the trailer yet?...more
@victorias_view @HomeRearedChef VV and HRC got me started on this series a few weeks ago. I'm on ...more


I got what is arguably the most ironic spam ever!My friend Sherry wrote a post for me a few months back about an authors "book tour survival kit".  Today, I got the most interestingly ironic spam on that post.  The spammer is trying to sell survivalist kits....more

Hello. My name is DJ and I’m a Google addict.

It started out so innocently. One day I needed to know something. I don’t remember what it was now, just something trivial I suppose but at the time it seemed important. I had heard of Google before, but I’d never used it. I had used MSN and Yahoo, and they had never held too much appeal, so I figured I could try Google with no problems The internet was right there at my fingertips....more
Ha, ha... I loved this post, because I, too, believe am a "Google addict." Whenever a questions ...more