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Very rarely do audition opportunities make me angry; this one did. The service that Actors Access provides is not only needed but much appreciated so I hope this commentary doesn't come off as ungrateful or even critical of them in anyway. The fault is born in the casting "professionals", movie makers and such that post casting  notifications on this site. In a business where "type" casting is common I'm used to casting criteria that reads "Asian", "African American", "Caucasian"....more

The elected double mastectomy

A lot has been buzzing around about Angelina Jolie and her double mastectomy.I will not download pictures of her or quotes from her recent interviews. I have no wishto use her image to sell my blog. My blogs are my opinions, nothing more. But such astrong opinion has developed in me over Angelina's recent activity that I couldn't stayaway from this page. I had to get my thoughts out.First let me say that my grandmother had a double mastectomy. She was a breast cancer...more

Little Pub

Things happen that make us question our self worth. Right nowthat's what I'm going through, but instead of wanting to fight,this time, I wanted to stay down and give up.Perhaps it's the result of impact shock.I fell hard, far and fast. So fast I'm still not convinced it happenedand certainly don't understand why it would have happened.I got a new job a month and a half ago and it, in just a month's time,had changed my life back to the way I remembered it years ago. Then,...more

Fate and Free Will

  How can fate and free will co-exist?Let me explain.I recently had a conversation about my relationship with my son's father.And it made me remember another conversation I'd had about my relationship with my son's father.This most recent conversation ended something like,"yes, but you got your son out of it, so that's something to be thankful for"...more Please join me for a conversation :)more


If I am brokenand there are only pieces of meI will make them move in harmonyIn place of melodyin syncdespite detachmentwalking stride by strideside by sideand forwardand behindbeating while the others restin their turnso from withoutall you would seeIs one whole pieceOne whole menot fragmentsbut facets of a facethe eyes the mouth the skin the soundsof one steady beatsounding from the breasta chorus of partssinging one song...more

Orpheus On The Train

 Eurydice had it good;true love and muse of the greatest musician of the time.Man.Think of that courtship;new songs and poems every night.That would have made me fall in love with him.Sweet.More then the poems and songs though,her man went to Hades and back for her....more



Snow Day

 Today is a snow day.Only a delay for the district in which I teachbut our town district has the full day off.So my son gets to sleep in.Funny, as soon as I got word that school was canceled,I almost became my mother.When I was a school girl she'd always wake us up to tell us we didn't have to wake up.I hated it.Wasn't that pointless?Let us sleep.But I almost did it....more

The Bar

Standards keep going up.That's what the newspapers say.That's what employment offices say.But that's not what the results show.Teaching.That's what I'm talking about but I have no doubt you could apply this to many other fields.Every teacher now has to be certified with a masters degree,and now it's recommended they be duel certified.So how come tests results aren't improving?...more
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