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Camille Paglia Thinks Katy Perry Is Ruining Women: I Sincerely Disagree

The past week has been a-buzz with Katy Perry’s proclamation in her acceptance speech of Billboard’s Woman of The Year Award that she is “not a feminist” followed up by Camille Paglia’s scathing article in The Hollywood Reporter blaming Perry, Taylor Swift and Hollywood for ruining women. While I felt disappointed that Perry made it a point to distance herself from being a “feminist,” I also felt the outrage over her decision to do so had been unfairly disproportionate to the act and perhaps more destructive to “the movement” than Perry’s statement....more
@susieklein " means progress has occurred." Very well stated. I wonder the same thing ...more

The Athena Film Festival: Rocking Women in Film

There are not many movies that have left my hands trembling long after the end credits have rolled, trembling both with raw physical emotional response and pure ecstatic inspiration. But writer/director Larysa Kondracki’s film The Whistleblower did just that at the Athena Film Festival Friday night in New York City. ...more

How to Make Your Hair Powerful: Streep Takes on Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher has said she owes nothing to women’s lib. But Phyllida Lloyd’s Iron Lady begs the question: does women’s lib owe something to Margaret Thatcher? Feminists criticized Thatcher for her not so female-friendly policies most notably executed though her opposition to a welfare state, which fell hardest on single working mothers. ...more
I also am a fan, she had integrity and acted upon it, like it or not.more

With A Heavy Heart: Rest in Peace, Heavy D

Health is how you feel everyday and fitness is how you perform everyday - your health and ...more

Real World Ruins: Tonya Cooley Sues MTV for Filming Rape

Two months back, I wrote a post for BlogHer about the not-so-cleverly disguised rape clause in MTV's contracts for Real World cast members. The clause (Stipulation 7) states that: ...more
This is one of the dumbest shows on TV. It also influences young people who watch it Somehow ...more

The Real World Risk of an MTV Contract

When I read MTV’s Real World Contract posted by The Village Voice, one of the many elements that struck me was the danger and acceptability of misusing language when used for financial gain. Words like “rape,” “violate,” and “sexual assault” are nasty, heavy, uncomfortable words, words that land like bricks, words that everyone has difficulty understanding when they are “appropriate” to use, and ironically, even survivors have trouble using these terms to describe their experiences. It is much easier to say “non-consensual physical contact.” It is easier to write “interacting” or “carries the risk.” It is easier to dress it all up under the guise that a signature means consent. ...more
@WriterChanelle yeah, all those reality shows have contracts that participants can't sue if they ...more