A Southern Soul

Deviled Egg Dip

It was another crazy week with wicked weather but the good news is that Spring has officially arrived and we've had 2 beautiful, sunny days with warm temperatures. Ahhh.  I was ready to get out of the house and while running errands, I came across some "Charlie Brown" pansies.  I just couldn't resist the deal so, I decided to give them a home and nurse them back to health.  I gave them a good dose of water, fertilizer and a new planter....more

Roasted Chicken with Clementines & Garlic

At least once a week I roast a chicken.  It's easy, no stress cooking and my family loves it.  When the weather is nice, I roast on the grill but now that the temps have dropped, I have a fool proof oven method that delivers a juicy bird with crispy skin every time.   One of the things I love about roasting a chicken is that I can change up my recipe depending on  seasonal flavors....more
I'm making this TONIGHT!more

Easy, Elegant Brunch: French Toast Bread Pudding

Hey friends!  Last week was totally, really crazy for my family.  Mr. A Southern Soul and I celebrated 24 years on Monday, woo hoo, then came the snow.  After that, came more snow, sleet and freezing rain.  My man had to travel, flying west in that intense weather and my sweet, young son celebrated his 13th birthday on Thursday.  There was added stress with computer problems and the possibility of power outages, so can I tell you... I was just about in overload! ...more
Thanks so much!  I hope you'll let me know how it turns out. xo, ~Donyamore

Braised Chicken

The temperatures were dropping and the wind was whipping last night.  I knew my guys were gonna hit the door with pink cheeks and noses with the first thing out of their mouths being, "what's for dinner, Mom, we're cold and starving!"  No problem - I was ready....more

Pumpkin Cake Squares

This time of year makes me so happy.  I love it when the seasons change and I have finally decided that autumn is my absolute favorite.  The changing colors of the leaves on the trees, cool crisp mornings along with warm boots and cozy sweaters are things I look forward to...but, then again, the smells and flavors of fall's delicious foods are without question the best....more

Candy Corn Snack Mix

Just for giggles, I made this Candy Corn Snack Mix for Mr. A Southern Soul.  It's got chocolate, peanut butter, crunchy cereal along with salty pretzels and of course, candy...lot's of things that my man  loves.  I've got a nice little bowl sitting on the counter to say "love you, babe," a treat bag packed for the game tonight and I'm hiding the rest.  Shhh...don't tell!...more

Sausage & Cheese Bread

Warm, cheesy and packed with savory flavor is what this bread is all about!  It's just the thing to serve for veggie night or toasted for breakfast.  ...more

Homemade Ricotta

This past weekend was packed full of so many great things.  We spent lots of time with friends & neighbors, hung out with each other, made a few new family memories and enjoyed some good food.  Sunday evening was especially nice for me - the boys were off doing their thing and I had a little time to get creative in my kitchen....more

School Lunch Ideas and Recipes

School is in full swing and things are settling down just a little around here.  It's a big year for us since my oldest is a senior in high school...sniff, sniff.  One of the cool things about being at the "top of the food chain" is that seniors get to go off campus for lunch.  It's been a tradition at our school to host lunches for a group of kids who are friends.  So, the mom's got together, made a couple of test runs and it looks like things are coming together beautifully!...more

Eggs Over Crushed Potatoes

This past weekend our family had a great time being a little lazy, hanging out and just enjoying each other.  Our mornings were slow, easy and full of yummy food.  With the luxury of doing what I wanted, when I wanted, it was great to be creative and come up with a new breakfast dish....more
@wdolderer Thanks so much!  We are the same around here and love eggs.  Enjoy...more