Amy Milstein


Living meditation

Life gets overwhelming sometimes. For me it is usually when my days get busy with a myriad of tasks, all unrelated and “chore-like” in nature. ...more

The lost art of conversation

When I started at Earlham College, all incoming Freshmen were required to take Humanities. ...more

Happy accident

Yesterday was Ben’s birthday, and as we’ve done for the past couple of years, we went bowling. ...more

Almost one year

In just a few days, on March 1st to be exact, I will have been posting a “photo of the day” on Facebook every day for one year. It started as a 30 day challenge between me and my friend Karen, who lives in England. ...more

Name calling in the name of science

Yesterday someone on Facebook accused me of murder. Yes, you read that right. ...more

Why I’m opposed to vaccines for infants

As you have probably heard, there has been an outbreak of the measles at Disneyland in California. Cue the anger of the vaccine proponents – everyone from Melinda Gates to Dan Diamond, a contributing writer at Forbes, who wants to sue parents of unvaccinated kids. Of course there are also voices of reason, thankfully even from some MD’s, like Cardiologist Jack Wolfson ....more

Why I’m so glad “Boyhood” won the Golden Globe

HUGE upset at the Golden Globe Awards tonight, as the relatively small indie film “Boyhood”, written and directed by Richard Linklater and starring, among others, Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette, won Best Motion Picture. ...more

Catching the moment

For Christmas I got the National Geographic Masters of Photography Course. ...more

Being social, in my ideal world

Years ago, my friend Anna and I fantasized about starting a modern day literary salon. ...more

Christmas in New York

The Christmas season in New York is nothing if not spectacular. ...more