Abigail Disney

I Am American, and I Respect Islam

I love my country. I love it a lot. I love the world too. I love them both for the same reasons. They are exciting and interesting and full of all kinds of people and ideas. I know that when I open myself up to new people and experiences there is really no end to things I can learn and discover—no limit to the ways in which I can be made to feel humble in the face of people's greatness, or proud of people's accomplishments....more
Thank you for writing this. I could not agree more.more

War Redefined

Abigail E. Disney is one of three Executive Producers of the groundbreaking PBS mini-series Women, War & Peace, the most comprehensive global media initiative ever mounted on the role of women in peace and conflict. Tuesday, War Redefined – the capstone, finale episode – featuring all three female Secretaries of State airs on PBS on November 8. Check Local Listings....more

Colombian Surprise: Women, War & Peace

 “The War We Are Living” follows two powerful Afro-Colombian women as they protect their community’s land rights. It airs on your local PBS station Tuesday, November 1. Check local listings.Colombian Surprise: Women, War & Peace...more

Afghanistan's Secret Weapon: Women, War & Peace

On Friday, President Obama announced that all American troops would leave Iraq by year's end. Newspapers and broadcasts--to say nothing of Facebook and Twitter--hummed with the news....more

Women, War & Peace: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Abigail E. Disney, Producer of Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008 Best Documentary, Tribeca) and co-creator of the acclaimed PBS series Women, War & Peace, shares her experience of documenting the lives of remarkable Liberian women, including Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee. ...more

Women, War & Peace: Featuring Nobel Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee

Leymah Gbowee and the Liberian women's peace movement are featured in Women, War & Peace, a five-part PBS series that challenges the conventional wisdom that war and peace men's domain. Below, executive producer Abigail Disney describes her reaction to Leymah Gbowee's 2011 Nobel Peace Prize win. ...more
Every woman should!more