I Love My Job....

Is this not a beautiful photo. :) Such a beautiful mom to be....more
@victorias_view Thank you so much!!! :)more

Hanging on the Ledge Above Rock Bottom

I'll just start by saying this...I've never been rich. Never been so stable and secure and without money woes. I've always been limited in my spending abilities. I thought I had it bad before. Whew! Boy was I wrong...About a month ago my husband lost his second job. Our second source of major income. I was naive and didn't really pay attention to our finances and didn't realize how much this second job kept us floating on the raging sea that is life. Needless to say...our life boat now has a huge hole in it!!!...more

Precious Time

Yesterday on the dreaded FaceBook I saw a post asking all of us to pray for two young adults who were seriously injured in an accident. Angelica and Dustin M***** were airlifted to USMC in Jackson, Ms and are still in critical condition. Both are on life support and it doesn't look good. Angelica is a freshman in high school and has been announced brain dead. Their family is holding strong to their faith and the hope that a miracle will happen....more
Might I also add that I had a typo :( It's Cara not Kara. So sorry! lolmore

My Love Affair with Photography: Part 1 :)

Some of my favorite sessions from this past year. Please enjoy!!!...more
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I Don't Want To Live, Just To Die....

.....That was my Twitter status last night. I've been on this quest here lately to find myself and find the person I want to be. On my last days I want to be remembered for who I am and some great I've done. And while I've taken numerous family photos that will hang in peoples homes to provide joyfulness...will anyone really remember the photographer being that camera?...more
It sounds like a cliche, but if you can dream it, you can do it. After seeing your photos, I ...more

Brandon the terror: Said with love and total affection

Today we have laid to rest two toy box lids, 4 hot wheels cars with 7 missing wheels, Mr. Squeak the rabbit (shrugs) and various other odds and ends of the Welch household. King of the Hill (a highly monitored episode. Very mild) is playing on the TV, a treat for Brandon as we rarely watch TV, and I'm sitting with laptop in lap, facebooking and editing photos simultaneously. The next event leads to my blog for the day. As I sit here watching my 2 year old dig a "wace carie" (race car) out of the leg of his shorts...I'm tempted to wonder......more