Peter and the Wolf, Love-Bombing and Difficult Stages

When my mom was a little girl, she stole something from the store. Her mother found out, and instead of scolding or punishing or dragging her back to the store by her ear, my grandmother picked up my mom and held in her in her lap and told her she loved her. I don't think this was the way my grandmother usually parented and yet, in that moment, I think my grandmother did some of her finest parenting....more
@Waffle-Wednesday That's all a beautiful way of putting it! It's great to meet you.more

Poopy Cake!

A month or so back, we suggested having a celebration (who doesn't love a good excuse for a celebration) when little boy did his first poop in the potty.  He was quite taken with the idea and told us all about it many times....more
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Barefoot at the Beach in Alaska

Ahhhh – Finally the weather is warming up!   Of course, it might not stay warmed up.  The last couple summers have been unpleasantly gray and chilly with temperatures in the 40′s, but in the Right Now, things are wonderfully fantastic and we live in a phenomenal place....more
 @motherofnine9 Her garden is worth taking a look, Elise.   :)more

Camping in Alaska (With Kids)

 @edavis I think, now that you mention it, I'd like to try camping in Hawaii.   :)more

Adjusting the Expectations For Success

We live in Alaska, and this year we experienced a record cold snap. I took the kids outside almost every day, but usually it was bundled up in jackets and snow pants in the stroller to go run errands or play at the gym....more
I really want to comment on the pictures of the children. They are just so adorable! And I think ...more

Adjusting the Expectations

I thought I was seeing things.  lol!   I had to stop and say something. I feel better now.  ;)more

The Babysitter

The teenager laughed at Bunny and called it babyish and hurled the toy telephone across the room.  She was babysitting me and I didn't like her in the least.  I don't remember every disliking anybody before, but I knew that she was not a kind person and I did not want her anywhere near my room.But I was a six year old kid and she was the teenager in charge so I just stood quietly while she made fun of my most favorite stuffed animal and threw - threw! - my plastic phone....more
It is super that you found someone you trust to watch your little ones! I personally can't wait ...more

"Sister is Not a Fannafish"

"Sister is not a fannafish" kinda threw me off this morning.  What the heck was he talking about?   Little boy has been playing with rhymes and pretend words and interspersing them into his sentences but this sentence seemed like he was trying to talk in all seriousness.He was eating his breakfast, a bowl of shredded wheats, purchased for the low sugar content, but which were decidedly not a hit, when he looked up and made this cryptic statement.Luckily, thankfully, we can ask him to clarify."I don't understand.  Sister is not a ___?"  ...more
Ha!  It makes perfect sense -- now!  Do you have to use your secret decoder ring to help you ...more

Attack of the Killer Ants

I plastered my body across my bedroom door so my friend couldn't leave.  She'd threatened to go home.  I have no idea why, but I knew I didn't want her to leave.  There might have been some possibility of getting in trouble if the adults asked what happened, but really, I have no memory of what happened....more
I had a best friend when I was young; we were very tight friends since about 8 years old. When ...more

Monumental Tasks

 @JourneyofLife WooooHoooo!  And if you've started the books, then that counts.  Congratulations ...more