Remembering Margarita

Remembering Margarita ...more
It's heart-breaking to hear of such unfilled potential - it must have been a shock to you and ...more

Note to self: Patience

The day after Christmas, I wrote a blog entry ("The post-Christmas challenge") prompted by the good manners and kind gestures I was seeing all around me....more
Patience is a wonderful thing and it is a definite thing that I need to remind myself of time to ...more

Oy vey! A primer like no other!

The book opens to a pastel drawing of a young housewife in the doorway of a neat brick home, as her bespectacled husband wheels a big green garbage can to the curbside. The text? See Jane. Jane is married to Bob. Jane loves Bob very much. Bob is a real mensch. This is no ordinary "Dick and Jane" primer. No, it's "Yiddish with Dick and Jane" and it'll make you laugh your tuchas off. ...more

A slice of life in Portland, Oregon

The day started innocently enough. Went to the gym. Lifted weights, shot baskets, sat in the sauna. Came home. Met my Monday morning breakfast buddy, Tom, at Gravy, known for its big menu and mammoth portions. We both ordered the signature corned beef hash with hash browns and walked out of there with bulging to-go boxes holding more than half of what we were served in the first place. A light meal, it was not. ...more

A New Year's Eve to cherish

"So," my co-worker Nancy said as I was packing up at the end of my editing shift yesterday, "what are your plans for New Year's Eve?" "Well," I said with a deliberate pause, "I'm having dinner tonight with five women." She looked up from her computer monitor and smiled. "I'm not even going to ask." "Oh, it's not what you think," I replied. ...more

Best of 2011 and a NaBloPoMo shoutout

Dear regular, irregular, irreverent and irrelevant (just kidding!) readers: Happy New Year, everyone. It's been a fun 12 months. I appreciate the readership, the friendship and the batting around of ideas, opinions and observations. Looking forward to a great 2012 and I hope you'll return to this blog from time to time. Especially to leave a comment. And now, a quick spin through the highlights:...more

12 fail-proof resolutions for 2012

Seems everybody and his dog is pledging this and resolving that as the year comes to a close. That's cool. So let me begin this final blog post of 2011 with a round of applause for those who resolve to rid themselves of extra pounds or bad habits (smoking, drinking, chronic lateness). Same goes for those who vow to get organized in 2012 or spend more time with family and friends ... and their dogs. As for me, well, I've got a slightly different list. I hereby pledge not to: 1. Grow a ponytail. 2. Dye my hair....more
@DawnsRecipes Your to-do list strategy is hard to beat. Good to know there's something already done.more

Peeling back the story of the supermarket tomato

Any self-respecting foodie wouldn't go near one of those perfectly shaped, flat-bottomed, bruise-resistant, orange-red orbs that we call tomatoes. They're found in abundance in the produce sections of the nation's supermarkets and we all know they're tasteless. But they sell because they're cheaper than those organically grown, they're available all year long and they allow us to add something red to our salads. ...more

The post-Christmas challenge

Even before the pre-dawn light began filling the room, even as our elderly cat Rudy tried to find a place to settle between our pillows, I was thinking of what lay ahead in the coming days. I don't know anyone doesn't enjoy Christmas. Sure, there's a lot of grousing (from me included) about how early we're subjected to holiday music. And, yes, the commercial aspects of the holiday season can feel oppressive at times. But on the day itself, people's better angels come out. ...more
@georgerede Nobody is perfect George and this comment says a lot about the person you are. Most ...more

What people write about at 1:37 a.m.

@victorias_view Thanks for the nice holiday wishes. Same to you and yours.more