The Truth About Foster Parenting

There is no way around it - there are a lot of eyes on you when you're a foster parent.The child's social worker. The child's Guardian Ad Litem. The children's biological parents. Therapists. And pretty much everyone that knows that she or he is a foster child. We have already experienced our 2! TWO! year old being overly criticized for her behavior at daycare, with the suspicion that she is watched closely because.... she's a foster child, you know. ...more

A Letter to Our Child: You Were Not Our Second Choice

You were always part of our family plan. And as life has probably already taught you, life takes our “plans” and laughs at them. We are thrown challenges, changes, and so many curve-balls. Our well thought out plans become nothing but memories. Things that we believe to be true are not. Things that seem easy can become so very hard. Life is like that....more

The Ultimate Sacrifice of Motherhood

I’ve worked with a lot of children in the past five years. I’ve worked with children who have been hurt, emotionally and physically by their biological parents. I’ve written statements that in the end will support a court or child welfare agency’s decision to terminate parental rights. Last night, as I sat in a family team meeting, a mother was asked to place her children with their father, because she was not following through with recommendations and the children were not safe with her....more
I work at an RTC, and just recently we had to get custody from my stepdaughter's mom due to drug ...more

What to Expect When You're Not Expecting

Deciding to have a baby is supposed to be the hard decision.When to start trying. How much money to have saved up. Planning for a winter pregnancy to avoid heat, or a summer pregnancy to avoid having to wear shoes....more

How a Dad Loves a Daughter

He won't often sit down for heart to heart talks. But he will make sure that you have safe tires on your car, and he'll even go have them put on for you so you can avoid the smelly tire place. ...more
 @victorias_view thanks! sorry so late to reply, they didn't notify me I had a comment!! thanks ...more

Learning to Follow

The music clicks on and it is time to begin. I desperately want to look at my feet in order to keep them in line, but I work to keep my head up, my eyes centered on him.  I place my right hand in his left, and my other on his shoulder. He smiles at me, blue eyes twinkling as we count off together. 1, 2, 3, begin.Slow, slow, quick, quick.Slow, quick, quick.He sends me out for a twirl, and I am not expecting it. I stumble over my feet.We laugh at our attempts to keep time with the music, as the instructor rushes over to my side....more

Flatlander's Guide to Speaking New England-ish


from two lines to one

from two lines to one I don't know if it's because it's been a year on Saturday, or if it's because we should have a three month old in this house, or if it's because my mind is quiet and the sadness of our miscarriage is seeping back in. ...more

Tear by Tear

t's hard to put yourself out there. To talk about the hard things. To acknowledge that you struggle.  But every time that I do, I am taken aback. By the support. The love. The virtual nods of sympathy and looks of understanding. The comments. The e-mails. The phone calls. The cards....more

The One Where I Discuss Politics in Mixed Company

There is a side of me that I have not blogged about. Mostly because I'm not interested in creating a major debate, and I generally avoid talking about religion and politics in mixed company. But today, on Martin Luther King Jr. day, I know the blogosphere will be littered with inspirational quotes and reflections on the life of a man that I greatly admire. So I will out myself, today. I am .... liberal.::gasp:: Okay, so you may have guessed this already. I mean, I am a "bleeding heart" social worker after all. ...more