Ernest Boston


Tiny Cannibals Screaming In My Corner

There are people yeLLing and screaming in my bedroom. I go in there but there are no people. Just a box. Sometimes there is music. Sometimes there are gun shots. In the night the box glows. The box wants me to buy things, many things for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. A man is semi-yeLLing at me in Spanish to "come buy a car from him", at a place where "there is no problem". I like no problemas. I know what he is saying in Spanish simply because he does the same yeLLing in English at other times. ...more

Later Today I Might Accidentally Become The Smartest Person In The World

"No !!!!" There is something that my wife absolutely hates. ...more

River Wars (Things Get Messy)

On 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' last night there was a question about a U.S. city named Cairo, asking which river it touched. I wasn't sure, I was torn between the Missouri and Ohio, but my gut instinct leaned towards Ohio, and I got it correct. So this led me to check some location info to see how close the Missouri River was located. Then I noticed something odd. ...more


[Early Saturday Morning] ...more

Small Strange Children Befriend & Befuddle Me

2012.01.19 ...more

By Chemical Design: The Walrus Extinction Factor

By chemical design I ask Google this question: Are walruses extinct The result was 440,000 hits ...more

Child (In The) Hood Memories

I was reading a friend's blog just now about several of her childhood memories and one of them happened at age seven and a half. It wasn't her memory or that particular age that jogged my memory of something, but her use of a fraction, the "half" part in her year.  ...more

Sub No Way


I Am Not of Odd

Odd ? 6 AM ...more

My Water Broke

I am cooking breakfast for the last time. On a massive scale anyway for awhile, my son goes home to Washington state today. So I won't be doing sausage, bacon, eggs, biscuits and sometimes gravy for a very long time. I usually eat lighter, and have soup or a sandwich for breakfast. The dog is now spoiled in another way. ...more