chores and your child: why, what, when & how

Are you surprised when your child just smiles sweetly and ignores you, or worse, answers with “it’s not my job”, when asked to clean his room or pour water in the dog’s bowl? Chores are not something we naturally know how to do when we are born; they are learned behaviors. And teaching your child to do his chores, just like teaching him any new behavior, can be easy when certain principles are followed....more
in recognition of a wonderful new career-  a bonafied, certified, qualified, blogging ...more

The cheek-to-cheek photo project

Editing this post because some of the details of the project were altered for logistical reasons and to make participation as easy as possible to all. Cross-posted at Monday Morning Musings (soon to be changed to Megan Blogs)...more
I finally sent mine in a month and a half late and very proud of myself for figuring  out how to ...more

@MaisonValentino #BlogHer12

 There was a growing frenzy online, this past week, about the imminence of #BlogHer12. And an even more harried scramble to get sponsors for it. You see, blogging is not the most rewarding enterprise, financially speaking. Often, it's a hobby, with its author (usually a creative, prolific, but unknown writer), trudging along, day after day, post after post, waiting to be discovered and whisked off to the next Oprah (does she still do shows nowadays?) or Good Morning America show....more
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Premack to the rescue! (How to motivate yourself)

 @tennismama Thanks Colleen :)   I'm trying to put my digital affairs in order before BlogHer12. ...more

so this one time, on the plane...

My blogger friend Melanie of is this the middle? wrote a post about a moment when she was shamed about her appearance ....more
 @HomeRearedChef I'm glad you found it funny -- I thought the post was funny. Not the incident, ...more

You Have No Idea: Book Review (and limited time giveaway)

* It's been far too long since I've belonged to a book club. My last one was reading the books of B. F. Skinner (Verbal Behavior alone took us two years to complete) and it was nowhere nearly as fun as this. ...more
Well, Megan, you have talked me in to reading the book. I AM interested. And I LOVED her in Ugly ...more

April 30th Is National Spank Out Day: Does Spanking Even Work?

April 30th is National Spank Out Day. It’s hard to forget about it when the old adage “spare the rod, spoil the child” gets revisited in the news so frequently. It seems that, every week, there is a news story of parents or caregivers being arrested for taking disciplining a child too far. For all the adamant opponents of spanking, there are still just as many supporters of this purportedly mild form of corporal punishment, following the idiom to the letter....more
Evidently this was not even in the Bible but a poem from the 17th century.  Look it up - it does ...more

What's the deal with potty training?

Toilet training – or potty training – is a grim subject with many parents. While we may have differing viewpoints about when and how to toilet train a child, this much we can all agree on: we all have to go through it with our children and none of us really looks forward to it, because let’s face it: there ARE better things in life than dealing with pee and poop....more
@meganbroutian @MrsPickle_ melanie jean juneau great tips for "reinforcing' :)  We used M&Ms. ...more

Wanna guess the dress?

 Shopping for the perfect dress is not easy. Not at 45. Not with a body permanently disfigured by 4 pregnancies. Not with an 8 year-old who insists on picking everything in hot pink. Who keeps stepping on your foot, or worse, the pretty dress. Who cannot zip. Who sulks when told she can’t try any on, herself. Who whines that she is thirsty. And needs to pee. Not with a husband who thinks 5 dresses is too many to try. ...more
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What's on your nightstand?

In an effort to put myself out there and, reciprocally, meet new bloggers, I just participated in a blog hop (thanks to Hilary, a fellow BlogHer blogger and the cutiepie behind  FeelingBeachie). I'm sure I didn't do it right (anyone know the correct protocol of a blog hop?...more
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