BlogHer '15, I loved you!

In an annual rite of summer, I attended the Conference in New York City at the New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan. As it was the 11th such Conference, the bugs were worked out long ago and things seemed to go flawlessly. Be advised, therefore, BlogHer '15, "Experts Among Us," was one heartfelt treat after another!...more
Laurel Regan Laurel! It's so true. Our BlogHer Internet relationships seem to grow in richness. ...more

Insecurity: the Fine print of Creative License?

On June 7, 2014, Laurel Regan, at posted, "Some Questions on Creative Self-Confidence." Being in the creative arts myself, I found the topic of her discussion and fan Comments thought provoking. In this post, I hope to reassure anyone who creates that they are a creator, anyone who paints that they are a painter, and anyone who writes that they are a writer....more
Perhaps the problem is in trying to assign ourselves titles at all, let alone to define ...more

Working for Pins

Many sewers and quilters pride themselves on sewing without pins. They somehow feel it elevates their command of the skill, demonstrating they are able to precisely feed fabric past a feed-dog at lightening speeds. Nothing could be further from my truth. I use zillions of pins, the more the better, removing each one as it approaches the needle, having insured proper placement for the intended stitches. I need my pins. I love my pins. And, I wouldn't work without them. ...more

Michigan Barn Quilt Maps

It's that time of year! Jump in the car for a road trip to see Barn Quilts....more
Will be taking the back roads to the beach tomorrow and will look for barn quilts, in case we ...more

Try Complex Colors Rather than Design

 With a bit of color work in fabric choices, a simple quilt pattern looks complex.This sweet quilt from the web site and blog, "PleasanTree," demonstrates the potential, perfectly. What could be easier, construction wise, than alternating blocks of "Nine Patches" and "Half Square Triangles?" And yet, look at the sophisticated appeal of this quilt, the pattern called, "Country Charm," from the book Country Inn by Barb Adams and Alma Allen....more
 elaineR.N. Well, as soon as I am all moved and settled I WILL be quilting!   :)more

ROYGBIV Quilts, Say What!?!

Crazy letters! What in the world do they mean? If you are are a scientist, a quilter or observe the Chakra energy centers, you probably know! ...more
Linda Anselmi Hey there, Linda! How I love to see your flowered avatar and know that something ...more

Adding an Extra Half Square Triangle

Using an extra block between traditional blocks can add a compelling eye-catcher.I was tooling around the Internet when I found Kay MacKensie's wonderful "ruminations," as she says, of her fondness for Jill Finley's book from Martingale Press called, "Home Sweet Quilt." Kay's web site and blog, "All about Applique," has much to offer, and in reading her post, I noticed a fun and simple design option easy to employ in your next project....more
HomeRearedChef Oh my, yes! It's like driving a car. Hard at first, but don't even ...more

Perhaps Death is the Beginning

During the winter, my heartstrings were tugged relentlessly by the passing of friend's parents.In particular, two of my BlogHer Soul Mates were facing the transitional loss of their mothers after giving devoted long term care. As their situations were similar to that of when my own father died, it was hard for me to witness their losses, so effectively posted on their blogs, Comments and Facebook....more
This subject has always been very, very fascinating to me, even though I couldn't possibly see ...more

BlogHer is a Chavruta, Not a Cult

Well, how droll. Everyday I read comments and posts on BlogHer with one sided facts, allowing no accommodation for opposing points of view.There seems to be no recognition that other spiritual beings may have experienced a side of the universe unknown to the posting authors. In fact, many BlogHers post their thoughts, while turning quickly to "take their toys and go home," when a reader offers conflicting knowledge....more  Outspoken or softspoken, I think many/most people are true to themselves. ...more

Celebrating the Real Monuments Men (and Women!)

Director George Clooney's movie, The Monuments Men, releases today, Friday, February 7, 2014, and you can bet I'll be sitting in a theatre tonight. Image: Columbia Pictures ...more
I haven't seen the movie but want to. It's an important story to be told. How are you? I just ...more