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Ted Talks Art

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The Thing About Racists

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GET in formation!

This video/song has caused SO much backlash. I was in NOLA for MardiGras when it released and was too busy MardiGrasing to pay attention to all of the hoopla! I played it over and over because it is ALL NOLA....more

Women Driving Excellence #WDE16 #CAS16 #Chicago

4 years ago, I had the honor and...more


ya'll can stay mad but there is a-NOTHER mother burying her 9 year old who was slaughtered execution-style in an alley yesterday and his name is Tyshawn Lee ... and every day we will add another name until this ish stops ... and ya'll mad about a movie's name ......more


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A while back, I recall sharing that from that time period forward, I would be eating to live and not living to eat.That is SUCH a hard way to function in our food motivated world BUT it is the right way to go.In doing so, you are not controlled by the vast world of food, but can really make choices that are right for you and your loved ones!...more

How About A Little Finess!

The lovely thing about woman-hood is that we share so many things. The not so lovely thing about woman-hood is that we often share so many things, but do so in utter secrecy. There are many issues I have that are specific to woman-hood that I keep to myself until another gal-pal broaches the subject ....more

Ask Dr. Toni! #Finess

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