The things we leave behind

'Taking that first step toward mental wellness changed my life.'by Jessica Smith[Ed. note: This essay is another installment in Double X Science's "I Am Mental Illness" series.]My eyes are closed behind polarized sunglasses I paid too much for. Controlling my breath, watching colors pulse on the inside of my eyelids, I am thankful for a daily ride in the slowest elevator ever and at the same time annoyed. Someone joined me just as the doors were closing....more

About that pacifier study: What it might mean to swap spit with your baby

Or, what it might mean to swap spit with your babyby Tara Haelle...more

How Do We Interest Girls in Science? Not Like This

Emily Willingham, managing editor, DoubleXScienceA man with a chiseled face dons his horn rims for a better look as three barely adult women in micromini dresses and stilettos catwalk toward him. As he stares in shock, lust, and awe, each woman strikes a pose as a bass beat throbs in the background....more
Have you ever seen videos by the mathematician Vi Hart? She's very engaging and smart, an ...more

Do Women Matter in Childbirth?

Women -- from every ethnicity and every socioeconomic background -- deserve respect and dignity and consideration while they're giving birth and access to safe care that provides it. We need a spectrum of choices that are best suited to our situations. Stress and anxiety and separation from the mother at birth are not optimal childbirth outcomes and rarely are necessary for a birth that proceeds normally. Certified nurse midwife-attended births are associated with specific benefits in this regard. ...more
Well, Emily! It seems you have a wealth of childbirth experience and are well versed in options ...more

Exploring the Role of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

It’s tempting to cast the role of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as one of struggles and battles because of their sex, rather than as one of contributions because of their minds. But for Women’s History Month this past March, and for this Diversity in Science Carnival #14, our focus has been the role of women in the enterprise of STEM. ...more
Love article. Am doing talk too for Women's History month about women in STEM. Would love to get ...more

How Exactly Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Chronologically speaking, we have sex, a sperm cell fertilizes an egg cell, said fertilized egg implants into our uterus, our bodies up the production of hCG, and we pee on a stick to find out if all of these things really happened. But, exactly how do these little wands of destiny work? ...more
FWIW I did another test this morning which came up negative.  So it appears that although it was ...more

How Do We Tell Real Science from Fake Science in Ads?

If you're alive, you've encountered pseudoscience, whether it was the guy at the mall trying to sell you Power Balance bracelets, the shampoo commercial promising you that "amino acids" will make your hair shiny, or the peddlers of "natural remedies" and fad diet plans, who in a classic expansion of a basic tenet of advertising, make you think you have a problem so they can sell you something to solve it. But peddlers of pseudoscience are smart and sometimes what they say has a kernel of truth that makes it seem plausible. How do you protect yourself, your family and your wallet? ...more
@kmdk LOL What an image!more

Vaccine fears: What can you do?


Ask not what science can do for you